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You may remember when we brought little Cheesepuff into the shelter. She was so tiny and frail, and had a badly broken front leg which dragged behind her as she scooted along. Although we know she must have suffered horrible pain from the injury, this little kitty has always had the heart and courage of a lion! 🦁

After spending time at the shelter, Cheesepuff, now Taika, went to join her forever family in Canada. Her Mama says she is a mix of sweet and spicy, always up to something that keeps her family entertained. She has always been such a confident little girl who hasn’t allowed the difficult beginning of her life to define her! She loves water and sunshine - you can take the girl out of St. Lucia but you’ll never take St. Lucia out of the girl! 🌞

Taika recently underwent surgery to remove the damaged leg and, true to her fighting spirit, she’s hardly skipped a beat. Although the leg never slowed her down, it will be nice for her to live her life without it dragging underneath her! She is enjoying extra cuddle sessions with mom, dad, and her fur big brother, as she continues to be the funny, charismatic, perfect kitten that she has always been.

Stories like Taika’s wouldn’t be possible without the support of our followers and incredible adoptive families like hers. Taika, like so many animals we’ve rescued, required extensive care and without the generosity of our donors, we wouldn’t be able to get these babies the medical care they need and would never know how wonderful life can be.

We currently have several special needs animals at the shelter and in Canada that will require extensive medical care in order to give them the opportunity to live pain free, fulfilling lives. Your donation can help to ensure more babies like Taika get that chance. Donations can be made to donate@helpaws.com using e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle, or to @helpaws using Venmo.

The perfect little heart on the bottom of Taika’s foot says it all. She LOVES and thanks you, as does the entire HelpAWS team and extended HelpAWS family ❣️
These three sweethearts joined us at the shelter this morning and their story is just like yesterdays and many from days before. They were born to a mama dog who has been left unspayed and the owner is not able to care for the resulting babies.

We could go on and on about how cute these little ones are or the process they will go through as we complete their intake. We could talk about how many puppies we’ve taken in over the past few weeks that have come from the same circumstances, and how frustrating it is to be taking 2 steps forward and one step back. But you’ve heard all of that many times over.

Instead, we want to talk about what we can do, together, to change these circumstances and how crucial your help is in the process. We can’t do this without your continued support and generous donations. We need you, and these precious animals need you!

The ONLY way these circumstances will ever change is through our continued efforts and dedication to spay and neuter as many animals as possible, as often as possible. One unaltered female dog can result in more than 54,000 dogs being born over a 5 year period through her, her offspring, the offspring’s offspring, and so on. That number is STAGGERING, but think about in positive terms - every female dog we spay can SAVE up to 54,000 lives!

It’s not an easy task. Not only does it take a continuous flow of financial resources, but it is often a physical and emotional labor of love as we have to try to catch or round these animals up, or convince their owners to let us take them to the vet for surgery. But it HAS to be done, and it HAS to be a priority, if we are ever going to change the stories of so many.

We will be tracking donations that are made with the specific intent to help us get mamas of the babies we take in, and others, spayed as soon as possible. If you’d like to help change their lives for the better, donations can be sent to donate@helpaws.com using e-transfer, PayPal, or Zelle or to @helpaws using Venmo. We truly appreciate all of your help!💙
It doesn’t matter which way you turn, where you are, or where you are headed, it’s nearly impossible to move about the island and not see a stray or abandoned animal in need. On nearly every street, under piles of rubble, scraps of metal, garbage, among the bushes and trees along roads, and under buildings, these poor, innocent animals are just struggling to survive.

It is so heartbreaking to see the same scenario played out time and again, and we sometimes wonder if our efforts here are making any difference at all. For every one we rescue, there are thousands more in need. But we are determined to go on, one foot in front of the other, traveling this path that we are so committed to - so passionate about - because we also know that every life we save is a life that will never again be left to suffer. And that sustains us.

These three little ones were picked up and brought into the shelter today after being discovered in some bushes and garbage by the stadium. It’s difficult to say they were “living” there, because truly it is just a matter of existence - a matter of surviving for as long as possible, as frightening, and painful and miserable as that survival may have been.

They are beautiful little beans, and not in the worst shape either. It makes us think that maybe they were dumped recently, rather than being born out there. Regardless, they deserve more, and we intend to make sure they have the best lives ever with families that will love them and care for them unconditionally.

We’ve taken in 13 puppies over a 5 day period, and could really use your help to make sure we have the resources needed to get them healthy and on their way. Donations can be sent to donate@helpaws.com using e-transfer, PayPal and Zelle, or to @helpaws using Venmo. We truly appreciate your support!
We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives - that awful, intense itch, right in the middle of your back, just out of reach and making you desperate to find something,...anything,...to scratch it and make the itch go away.

Now think of having that kind of itch all over your body like poor little Mobey and, no matter how much you scratch, there’s no way to satisfy the itch or get comfortable.

This little guy must have been so miserable when he was found. His entire body has been ravaged with mange, leaving it relatively hairless and covered in itchy, scaly, painful scabs. On top of that, he is just a little baby, too young to have to face life on his own, with or without the horrible effects of mange.

Thankfully a gentleman found him and, taking pity on the little bean, took him to a vet for treatment. The vet cleaned him up a bit and treated him for intestinal worms, and then reached out to see if we could take him in. Of course we said yes!

Mange takes some time to treat but this isn’t our first rodeo! We deal with it often enough, and we know it’s just a matter of time (and several sulfur baths) before little Mobey starts to feel better and his hair starts to grow back.

With his skin so raw and uncomfortable along with being malnourished, covered in fleas and ticks, and having a belly full of worms, it’s understandable that he is rather shy. He is going to need some extra time with us before he is available for adoption as we work toward mending his body and soul.

Mobey is the fourth pup in three days to come into the shelter. With so many pups to care for, we are always desperately in need of donations. If you would like to help us get Mobey on track for his happily ever after, donations can be sent to donate@helpaws.com using e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle, or to @helpaws using Venmo.
Did Easter come early?

That’s what we were wondering when we took in these five floppy-eared darlings today! Their long, luscious ears could surely pass for those of the Easter Bunny!

These four girls and one boy were brought to the shelter today by a man who found them all alone without a mama in sight. We are so happy they are safe with us here at the shelter rather than having to fend for themselves on the street.

They are shy, huddling together in a pile and scurrying away if one of us gets too close. It’s all new to them - they have no reference point for safety and security - but they will figure out pretty quickly (usually by the first few really good meals) that life with us at the shelter is way, way better than anything they have known thus far.

We’ve taken in 10 dogs in just a handful of days, which means our quarantine side of the shelter is quite full. All babies that come into our care go through a quarantine process of deworming, treating for fleas, ticks, and sometimes mange, and making sure they are healthy before allowing them to interact with those that have come before them.

The animals in quarantine require more hands-on care and more time, which is tough when there are so many at once.

As we embark on the journey with these five new babies, we ask simply that you keep them, and us, in your thoughts.

The first few weeks can be tough on them and, since we fall in love with them the minute we hold them in our arms, we find ourselves holding our breath until we see them make it to the healthy side!
We weren’t out looking for her or expecting to come back to the shelter today with another puppy, but fate put her in our path, almost literally, as we were driving back from the airport and saw her all alone on the side of the road.

Like so many before her, we have no idea where she came from or how she ended up alone at such a tender age. But we’re thankful we were near, and that she is now safe with us at the shelter.

She is a beauty, that’s for sure, and her eyes are absolutely mesmerizing! Just one look from this little one could melt even the hardest heart.

For now, she’s tucked away in a pen with a soft blanket, where she can sleep peacefully knowing she’s safe. She’ll soon be rid of the fleas and ticks that have made a feast of her little body, and the belly full of worms that make her feel awful. She’ll never have to worry about the basic necessities of life again, and can instead focus on things like which toy makes the best noise and which side of her belly she prefers to be scratched.

Fate has a funny way of twisting up a well planned day and steering us in a completely different direction than we thought we’d be going when our feet hit the floor each morning. And that’s okay, because our purpose is to be whatever these animals need, when they need it, regardless of what plans are already on the agenda.

Although every little life that comes through the shelter doors is priceless, it costs a staggering amount of money to care for each of them before they are able to fly off to their forever home. That’s why we rely so heavily on - and are so appreciative of - your donations! If you would like to help us cover the cost of care for this sweet thing and the others at the shelter, donations can be sent to donate@helpaws.com using e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle, or to @helpaws using Venmo.
Recently, a vet in south of the island found two tiny puppies. They were malnourished, dehydrated, and close to death. She took them in, knowing they wouldn’t survive on their own.

Meet Sylvie and Noella. These two little angels have now joined us at the shelter where we will continue to care for them until they are ready to start the next chapter of their lives. They are stunning puppies with sweet personalities.

Although we wish it weren’t the case, there will probably never be a shortage of neglected, unwanted animals around the world. Our goal day by day is to do everything we can to help as many as we can, and to teach and reinforce within our community that each life is precious and has value. Thanks to people like the vet who rescued Silvie and Noella and brought them to us to ensure they have the opportunity at a wonderful life, there are now two less babies left to fend for themselves on the streets.

Tomorrow will more than likely bring more pups to our doorstep, but today we are celebrating these two little beauties and the role we get to play in their lives. We can’t wait to watch them grow into strong, confident little ladies!

Our shelter is full of puppies who are looking for their forever homes, and there will surely be more to come. While we can’t turn our backs on these babies who need us, we are also struggling to make ends meet. If you would like to contribute towards the cost of caring for all the babies that come into the shelter, please consider donating via e-transfer, PayPal or Zelle to donate@helpaws.com or via Venmo to @helpaws.
There’s Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir, and now there’s this little guy, Pinot HelpAWS!

This sweet little Pinot was found all alone in some bushes by a kind woman who took him in, gave him a bath, and filled his hungry belly before reaching out to us to take him in. He is tiny, weighing in at less than 1kg (or just over 2 lbs). In a perfect world this little bean would still be nursing from his mama and snuggling with his littermates, but we all know this world is far from perfect. At around 1 month old, Pinot is going to need some extra TLC from the shelter staff to ensure he is able to grow up strong and healthy.

He may be tiny, but he sure has big opinions! He wasn’t at all happy about being confined in his quarantine kennel once we got him all checked in, and he certainly let us know it! His little yaps could be heard throughout the shelter, giving us a hint of the tenacity and fight he has in him. But we’ll take opinionated puppies all day every day over those that come to us too weak to do anything other than to lie down and hide in a corner 😞

Pinot has the sweetest face and the most handsome markings. We love that his itty bitty feet look like he is wearing tiny white socks! He was covered in fleas and ticks when found, but those little vermin will be dead and gone soon now that he has been treated, which should help him start to feel a lot more comfortable.

Babies this small need special care, which requires a lot more time from our shelter team. With the shelter already full of babies, and several little ones in Canada who have special medical needs, we feel that we are always trying to work our way out of a deficit. We will never turn away an animal in need, but we need your help to make sure we continue to have the staff and resources available to help them all. Please consider donating to donate@helpaws.com using e-transfer, PayPal, or Zelle, or to @helpaws using Venmo. Your donations help us save lives like Pinot!
Sweet Tigger,

Our hearts are broken. 💔 If only love could have healed you, if only hope could have carried you through.

You, darling boy, touched all of our souls with your fighting spirit. There was just something about you that was so special💝All you wanted to do was run and play and roughhouse with your brother and sister. You wanted to be a “normal” puppy and live each day to the fullest, without feeling pain or exhaustion. You deserved all that and more.

We had so much hope for you and wanted nothing more than to see you live a beautiful, long life honey, even though we knew the odds were against you.

We see such devastation every day, and often wonder how life can be so unfair. Why do precious, innocent babies have to suffer? Surely, their pure hearts deserve so much more than the neglect and torment they often are subjected to. We don’t know if Tigger was born with his condition or if he had an injury that caused it before coming to the shelter, but we do know this little, itty bitty guy left indelible pawprints on all of our hearts. 🐾

Tigger came into the shelter about 3 weeks ago with his sister, Audrey, and his brother, Archie. It was evident at first glance that he wasn’t well. He was tiny - not even half as big as his brother and sister, his head was severely enlarged, and his eyes were not properly formed.
Our best guess was that Tigger had hydrocephalus, a serious, often life-threatening, condition caused by an abnormal expansion and accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in cavities inside the brain.

The prognosis was extremely grim and we knew Tigger’s only hope was to get him to our vet in Toronto. Unfortunately, he was never big enough and his health was not stable enough for him to make the flight 😩 Our little Tigger crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. 🌈 He was small, but he had a huge impact on all of us in the few short weeks we were lucky enough to love him.

Run free and happy, sweet boy. You are free now.
Living in St. Lucia has its perks, with the gorgeous scenery and friendly people being some of them.

However, some aspects of life are different here, and one of the main hurdles we face on a regular basis is being able to get the basic necessities and supplies we need to continue operating the shelter.

Anything being shipped to us here on the island has to go through a lengthy process. It can take months for medical supplies and dog food to arrive via boat and once the items get to the island, we then have to go through an arduous customs process to get them released to us.

Adding to the process is that customs is on the north end of the island, while the shelter is on the south. Although the island isn’t overly large, the winding, narrow roads mean it takes several hours to travel each way.

We made the trip today to pick up some pallets of donations and supplies, along with dog kennels being returned to us having carried adopted animals to their forever homes. We also had 3 pallets of dog food that we desperately needed, as there isn’t always an adequate supply on the island.

It is a constant uphill battle we fight everyday to help the animals that have been abandoned, neglected and abused.

We truly appreciate all of the donations our extended HelpAWS family and supporters send our way to help us care for the babies that pass through the shelter on their way to their forever homes, and the ones that stay here on the island but will never again have endure countless pregnancies and thanks to being spayed and neutered.

If you want to support the work we do donations can be sent via Etransfer, PayPal or Zelle to donate@helpaws.com or via Venmo to @helpaws
There is a fine line between ignorance and heartlessness and it’s sad when deal with heartless situations

The owner of these pups threatened to dump them “in the sea” if we didn’t take them in right away. These living, breathing, precious, innocent babies who never asked to be born were nothing but a nuisance and bother to her. To add to our frustration, two puppies out of the litter of six were already given away when we took these four in

Thankfully, they are old enough to eat on their own and we won’t need to worry about round the clock bottle feeding. Their fur is literally crawling with fleas, but other than that they seem to be in pretty good shape. No thanks to the human, it seems their mama took the best care possible of her little ones.

We’ve taken in so many babies this week, our quarantine area is overflowing! Before we can move any pups into the healthy side, we need to make sure they are treated for any ailments and are free of all parasites, otherwise we would be fighting a never ending battle of frail, sick puppies. Hopefully, these little ones prove to be strong and they will join some new playmates in the yard and healthy pens in a few weeks.

We are stretched thin when it comes to finances. With several special needs animals that require extended care, a shelter full of adoptables, and now nearly 20 new babes to tend to and care for, we aren’t sure how we are going to cover all of the bills that are coming in and we can’t turn away those babies who desperately need us. It’s a never ending cycle that we never seem to break free of, as costs continue to rise.

As always, we are so appreciative of everything our extended HelpAWS family and followers do to support us emotionally and financially. By continuing to share our stories and posts, and donate to our cause, you help save lives every single day.

Donations can be sent to donate@helpaws.com using e-transfer, PayPal and Zelle or to @helpaws using Venmo. Thank you 💙💙💙
It’s said that “good things come in threes” and today we can tell you that is true!

These three darling puppies had been living with their mom next to an old car. With very little shelter, they were constantly getting drenched when it rained. A man took pity on them and took them in, and once the babies were old enough to eat on their own and mama took off, he reached out to ask us to take them into the shelter.

Now back at the shelter with us, they will go through the standard intake and quarantine process before they are able to move over to the healthy side of the shelter. It’s always easier for them when they come in with siblings rather than as a singleton, with new people, smells and sounds it can be difficult to adjust at first, but they have the comfort of being with each other as they acclimate to their new home.

Three new babes doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you consider our days are already crammed full of caring for 75 + animals, and the recent arrival of 40 other little babes- it can be a bit overwhelming when even three more come in. There are times when we are utterly exhausted and our bodies are screaming “NO”, but our hearts and minds could never turn away from those who deserve so much more than what life has dealt them thus far. We love them the minute we set eyes on them!

If you would like to contribute to these babies as well as others in our care please consider donating via Etransfer, PayPal or Zelle to donate@helpaws.com or via Venmo to @helpaws ❤️ we appreicate all donations, no matter how big or small! XO
Dear Noah baby

How afraid you must have been wandering the streets on your own
Just a tiny little guy with nowhere to turn for protection, shelter, food, or love
What happened to your mom & siblings? Where did you come from?  
The car came out of nowhere, plowing into you and brutally tossing you aside as it sped away without even slowing down. 
You lay there on the side of the road unable to move, screaming in pain, desperately needing help, yet person after person passed by without even a glance. You were invisible. Your screams fell on deaf ears. 
Finally, a kind woman stopped. She spoke gently to try to comfort you & ease your pain & fear. This was quite possibly the first kindness or compassion you’d ever been shown
Gently, she picked you up and carried you to safety, but unfortunately with limited vet services nothing could be done to help you. With her departure from St. Lucia looming, she found someone who promised to care for you. 
You’re such a gentle, precious puppy, Noah. We have loved you since the moment we picked you up. You are strong & brave, and even though your injuries from being run over still plague you & cause so you pain, you are a happy little boy who always greets us with tail wags & kisses. 
It’s time for you to go to Canada, where you can be begin the next chapter of your life. You deserve the very best that life has to offer, and we are determined to make that possible! 
But we are desperately seeking a flight parent to help us get Noah to Canada for his upcoming vet appointments
 If you are traveling from St. Lucia to Canada & are willing to help us get this baby there, please DM or reach out to info@helpaws.com. It’s a super easy, rewarding process!
Noah’s medical bills are going to be extremely costly😢. If you would like to help us with his medical care, please consider donating via E-transfer, PayPal, or Zelle donate@helpaws.com or via Venmo to @helpaws . 
Alternatively, if Noah stolen your heart, like he has ours- He is looking for his happily ever after or at least a foster! If you can help, please visit our website www.helpaws.com 💙
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