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The Hellenic Museum


Inspiring a passion for Hellenic art, history & culture from ancient to now 🏺🏛



Life as a museum curator in a heritage building presents a lot of ✨aesthetic✨ opportunities. But what does a curator do? Our curators are the caretakers of our collections and the minds behind our exhibitions. Their days often include managing and caring for our collections; planning, developing, installing and de-installing exhibitions; looking into new collection objects to acquire; engaging with the public; creating and delivering tours and workshops; a lot of reading and research; and, on occasion, being roped into TikToks by the marketing team! 😇 #HellenicMuseum #WesAnderson created by The Hellenic Museum with CONTENT CREATION TIPS's original sound
Happy #NationalNudeDay from ur fave statue gang xo
Reply to @drealdeezy why stop at swords? We've got knives, arrow heads and helmets - can you guess the other objects? 🗡️
Reply to @akronartmuseum RIP king Midas, you would’ve loved the Hellenic Museum 😩✨ #museum #learnontiktok #history #greekmythologytiktok #archaeology
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