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Heirloom Cosmetics 🌱🍃


Previously-Melanin Marie Beauty ⚠️Tackling Dry, Flaky, & Irritated Skin



Your hair best friend!! Start your healthy hair journey today. Prevent frizzy hair, split ends, oily pillow cases and messed up edges today by getting this bonnet. Check out our Tiktok Shop or click link in bio to shop on our website. This bonnet is satin, the strap does not wear out, it stays on your head. #bonnettok #bonnetsatin #satinbonnets #bonnets #bonnetsanddurags #bonnetandchill  created by Heirloom Cosmetics 🌱🍃 with noxz's 1 thing 2 know
Replying to @😎🥳🥵 free handmade lip gloss?? Sure if you buy one, well throw in a free one. Reminder, all our glosses are made by one person. They’re made with coconut oil, and they are hydrating. Only tge nude glosses applies with a little color. The glosses are kow pigmented! #lipglossdrip #lipglossswatch #lipglossbusiness #lipglossessentials #pinklipgloss #transparentlipgloss #transparentlipstick
#CapCut All Natural Body Oil Blend, offered unscented and scented! Long lasting scent, travel size and great for quick application!

A great lotion replacement during the hotter months.

#jojobaoil #rosehipoil #castoroilbenefit #bodyoilsarebetter
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