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Phoenix and Pentacles


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♾️🔺All about Twin Flames 🔥⭕️

🔥In today’s times, almost everyone has heard of a twin flame. Twin flames are also referred to as a Divine Feminine (DF) and a Divine Masculine (DM). Although having a twin flame appears to be a new terminology, the concept of ancient twin flames has been around for millennia. In theory, twin flames at one point in time in existence were a single soul, and once they became human, they separated into two separate bodies. There is a deep spiritual and energetic connection between these souls. Unlike 3D romance, soulmates, or platonic relationships, twins share a strong and intense bond with a familiar deep understanding of each other. Spiritual growth, self-discovery, intense magnetic attraction, and amplification of emotions characterize the relationship.

🌕Happy Beaver Full Moon in Gemini! ♊️

🌕♊️ The
#November #Beaverfullmoon peaks in the sky on Monday, November 27 at 4:16 a.m. ET (1:16 a.m. PT).

🌕♊️ This full moon is ruled by Gemini, the twins, reminding us to connect deeply with others and mind our words. The pace of life might seem rapid.

✅ The new moon in Gemini on June 18, 2023 is significant to now.

✅ The Sun is in Sagittarius.

7 ways to harness this Beaver Full Moon in Gemini Energy:

1️⃣ Celebrate how far you've come.

2️⃣ Come to important decisions and be willing to consider all possibilities.

3️⃣ Take action on one of your ideas.

4️⃣ Find a balance between the little details and steps, and the big picture.

5️⃣ Find the middle ground and learn how to transmute negative energies.

6️⃣ If you've been energetically drained, tend to your nervous system, drink extra water, and carve out time for reflection and rest.

7️⃣ Manifest and gratitude for abundance past, present and future.

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