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Morning Garden Walk Around , veggies are growing, flowers blooming. find my garden on IG at growingissimple   #garden #zone3b #zone3bgardening #gardentok #gardendiy #diygreenhouse #greemhouse #albertagarden
Why do I run barefoot?👣

If I could trust the paths being free of debris & biologicals, I would run literally barefoot. So in the winter I wear a minimalist shoe & in the summer these bad boys!

When someone wears a neck brace you ask what's wrong. I ask that same question when I see people in running shoes. AKA braces for the feet. 👇👇

In 2007 my arches failed, I went from 120 pounds to 225 due to pregnancy in less then 9 months) I have the flattest feet you will ever see (I should start an online account to make sales 🤣) Because of that I suffered chronic plantar fasciitis & heel spurs. In 2014 I was introduced to barefoot therapy & I have never looked back.

👣My plantar fasciitis & heel spurs went away in 3 months
👣my posture is straighter which means my digestive system works better
👣My nick name in track was click due to my ankles, they don't do that anymore
👣It grounds me
👣I actually burn more calories during any activity
👣Improves my knee & hip mobility
👣Teaches my body how to absorb impact
👣I don't need new shoes as often which saves money
👣improves my gait

And as you can tell from my running fashion sense that i really don't care what I look like either 🤣

But I did notice tonight, these shoes are getting old. there are some holes starting to appear.... so it's shopping time.

I encourage you to try going barefoot, even if it's just in your back yard for now. Soon - you hang with me long enough, I will get you going on barefoot ALL the time.

#MoveFreely #Barefoot
#Minimalism #newbalance #toeshoe #toeshoes #barefootshoes #barefootshoe #minimalistic #minimalist #minimalistshoe #minimalistshoes #heelspurs #plantarfasciitis #grounding #groundingenergy #morinville #perimenopause
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