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Heather Freitas


🌈 Beaded & Mixed Media Art Shop 👉🏼 www.heatherfreitas.com

🦇 💩 IT’S THE GALLERIES JOB TO BRING IN CLIENTS! Share / tag with every single artist you know because something needs to change. ARTISTS you create the work. You have more power than you know and until you stand for your worth nothing is going to change. So demand YOUR TERMS. Galleries if your watching / reading this…. If you really want to support the arts…. support the artists themselves.

Once upon a time standard gallery commission was 30%. 30%!!!!!! Back then galleries were the keeper of collectors. It was the galleries that sold the work…. Not the artists. Now it’s a standard of a 50% commission and many galleries ask artists to MARKET THE SHOW and many galleries look to only represent artists with an established collector base🙃. LIKE WHHHATTT?!

This literally makes no sense whatsoever. So.. you as an artist are to pay for supplies and your own marketing ( expense and time ). You then also take the time to create and produce the work. You get selected for an exhibition and deliver the work AND THEN YOU’RE EXPECTED TO MARKET IT TO AND ONLY MAKE HALF?!

Oh hey, I’m going to do literally ALL the work and pay someone 50% of the sale price for hanging it and putting together an opening. DON’T DO IT!

Listen. If the gallery sells the work to one of their established clients that you didn’t have from your own prior marketing cool. They should for sure be able to collect a commission because that is the exact definition of a commission 🤯. If your work is sold at the said opening to one of your clients that you obtained through your own marketing….. NO , or at a maximum of 10%.

I’m not saying don’t show in galleries. What I’m saying is things need to change and artists you should demand more. You have the power. Set your terms!

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