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Introducing you to multicultural designers. Support them! 🖤 #HFR



HFR #februaryrecap ✨ We extend our deepest thanks to every person who made these events possible and who contributed to the tapestry of HFR!
🚨 Attention fashion lovers! 🚨 Harlem's Fashion Row merchandise is now available on @amazon !

Shop our exclusive collection and elevate your style game today.

Click the link in our bio to get your hands on these comfy and stylish pieces!

#HarlemsFashionRow #AmazonFashion #ShopNow #Fashionista
The wait is over! Harlem’s Fashion Row and @amazon the Drop collection is going LIVE at 11:45 AM EST!

Shop our exclusive collection filled with stunning and unique pieces designed by Kimberly Goldson and @nicholelynel to elevate your Spring wardrobe to the next level! This is a limited-time event, so grab your favorites before they’re gone. 🖤

Happy shopping!

#HFRxTheDrop #HarlemsFashionRow #AmazonTheDrop #FashionCollaboration #NowLive #LimitedTimeOnly
✨RECAP ALERT ✨ We had an amazing time at our HFR x @amazon The Drop Collection Preview Event thanks to being in sponsorship with @carolsdaughter !


#HFRxAmazonTheDrop #CarolsDaughter #RedRoosterHarlem #BlackIsRemarkable
We are thrilled to formally announce that the HFR X @amazon the Drop collection, designed by Kimberly Goldson and @nicholelynel will officially drop on FEBRUARY 27!

We can’t wait to see you rocking our new collection! Keep your eyes peeled on February 27th! 👀 and sign-up for SMS notifications, so you don’t miss The Drop!

#HFRxAmazonTheDrop #HarlemsFashionRow #ComingSoon #FashionCollaboration #ElevateYourWardrobe #TimelessFashion #BlackIsRemarkable
What happens when you bring two icons together? For Peanuts and HFR it means having the opportunity to celebrate the Friends, Family, and Community that are helping us all get to a better place. Peanuts and HFR are proud to announce their #heartFAM collaboration where you will be able to find one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by Peanuts character, Franklin Armstrong.

We are excited to be part of such an important movement and can't wait to share this collection with you all. Stay tuned for more updates! ❤️

#heartFAM #HarlemsFashionRow #Snoopy #PeanutsGang
Did you see our announcement about our partnership with @Amazon The Drop??Designed by Kimberly Goldson and @NicholeLynel, you have to sign up for collection notifications: https://www.amazon.com/drop?tag=harlemsfashio-20&ref=thedrp_iig_2023_harlemsfashionrowWatch this video to learn how to make sure you are in the know, and stay tuned for more content. #amazonthedrop #amaz onfashion #blac kisremarkable #blac khistorymonth
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