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🎪 [2 min read] Day 4 at international board game fair Essen SPIEL started again with a big breakfast that kept us running until midnight.

🏞️ On the way from our hotel near Düsseldorf airport, where 1st planes took off around 6am every morning, to the fairground we have seen a beautiful fog that was covering the Ruhr River valley.

🌞 It was amazing to witness as it was a clear blue sky Sunday otherwise.

🗝️ When we arrived to our booth we removed the tarp and restocked some of the games we did not get to do the evening before.

✨ We really must be grateful to everyone that bought games each day even before the show started at 10 am. These were other exhibitors who did not have the time to visit during opening hours.

🌪️ In sales it is all about the momentum and getting the first sale of the day which gives you impetus and confidence to continue. To be in a position to not worry about it is a privilege.

🎥 During the day we did not capture a lot of footage as we used our phones for card payments.

🖼️ But we took some photos and it looks like we were thrilled by the way we did this year's SPIEL.

🛑 The fair closed at 6 pm on Sunday, we said goodbyes to Cynthia and Tracy and Ciril, Casper and myself dismanteled the stand in good spirits. At 11.45 we left the fairground.

🚐 I am always amazed by just how much stuff you can fit into these Renault Master vans. Like really a lot! There was already 1,5 pallets of games inside and we could fit everything you see, the whole stand, on top of it.

See you next year! 👋👋

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