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Jess | Branding & Web Design


Building Brands that OUTLAST Trends Showit Design Partner 🔑

5 signs you are ready for a professional website:

1. You’re way too busy running your business & your life

2. You want something turnkey & easy to manage

3. You want someone to get it done & make your life easier

4. You want a place to display all facets of your business clearly and professionally

5. You are ready to INVEST in your business!

Once you make the decision to invest in your business and create a one-stop shop to elevate your entire business, you will feel a sense of pride & connection to your business like never before.

Reach out today & connect with me if you are ready and think we would be a good fit!

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A little throwback to this time last year when I was working with Emily @perennialhealthacu on the launch of her acupuncture practice in Central California.

I love working with new businesses to help guide them in their vision for their business. This includes visual representations of their brand like logos and colors, but it also includes the feelings you want to evoke to your clients. The story behind the brand means just as much, if not more than what you see on the surface.

I designed this typography lettermark logo with the Perennial Health's vibe in mind. It's minimal, clean, and natural—so you can imagine how it feels to walk into Emily's practice! There is also a quality of softness, so I tried to capture that in the textural design of the logo.

The design incorporates a poppy, California's state flower—a gorgeous symbol of renewal and rebirth. I love that it reflects Perennial Health Acupuncture's commitment to helping their patients feel empowered, while building powerful long-lasting connections.

I am always thrilled to work with businesses that allow me to bring my best work forward, and am constantly in awe of my clients. If you'd like to learn more about me, visit my website at www.hanburydesignco.com

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