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Every athlete deserves to feel powerful! Podcast host! Kombucha ♥️. 🔗 in my bio

@Gruppo Nutrition just sent me some products to try and this is my live first taste of their Polar Joe Iced Protein Coffee …. @Polar Joe Co.

Check out what I thought about it. Risky to taste test live 😂.

Things I did’t know existed!

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Have you lost the joy in your sport? You’re not alone. I see it often.

Sometimes the intensity of training and racing and the comparison to others can diminish the joy of cycling, running, triathlon, any sport.

If you find yourself here, consider disconnecting from technology and social media. Ask yourself what drew you to the sport in the first place. Go back to the beginner’s mindset where you we’re exhilarated by trying new things.

Remember, all you can do each day is give the best you have. Your competitors could have great days and terrible days. If you rate your performance based on them you’re giving away a lot of control over how you feel.

They have a crap day, you feel great! They have an awesome day, you think you suck.

This is an awful way to go about sport.

Base your performance on your efforts. Be proud of yourself for pushing outside of your comfort zone and expanding as a human being.

I challenge you to sit and write a journal of your first months in your sport and why you loved it. Then write down how you could reinvigorate those feelings. Then DO IT.

Want more tips about mindset, sports science and sports nutrition?

Head to my bio or Anneguzman.com and subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of any page.

Until then, remember, your worth isn’t determined by your results. You’re enough now and always have been enough. Win or lose.

#knowyourworth #sportscience #sportsnutrition #motivation #cycling #running #triathlon #yesyoucan #fuelthework #youareenough
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