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Fish poop scooper & gut microbiome scientist 🐟💩👨🏻‍🔬 PhD candidate | OSU 🦫

#supplements #biohacking #probiotics
#duet with @certifiedhealthnut #troycasey bro’s been juicing word salads for 33 years 🤮
Replying to @grahamlutz Our microbiomes health affects its ability to perform its functions in and around our body. For example, our gut microbiome plays an important role in digesting our food, supporting our immune system, and communicating with our nervous and other bodily systems. A disruption to our microbiomes health could negatively impact our microbiome to perform these functions which could also impact our health. Therefore, it’s important to maintain microbiome resilience to withstand and buffer against disturbances.

#microbiome #gutmicrobiome #microbiomehealth #guthealth
Replying to @grahamlutz There are two categories of factors that influence what our microbiome looks like. These include host (endogenous) and environmental (exogenous). There are also factors that span both of these categories

#microbiome #gutmicrobiome #guthealth
Replying to @zomppmoz verdict: 👎👎

Imo, this product checks a lot of boxes for being pseudoscientific/snake oil. Is it harmful, probably not. Is it helpful, doubtful. But the sales page makes a lot of bold claims that arent backed by any citations. For your money, you’re better off buying a CSA share from a local farm to get more food and nutrition than you’ll get from this product.

#organic #superfood #supplements #nongmo #guthealth #microbiome #pseudoscience #foodreviews
Replying to @zomppmoz its hard to say without knowing what exact supplement youre taking. generally speaking supplements are harmless, but that doesnt mean they are helpful. Imo, supplements are at best placebos, and at worst snake oil scams. There are exceptions, but these have rigorous research backing them. #supplements #guthealth #gutmicrobiome #supergreens
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