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Guild Of The Arcane


📜I make fantasy &TTRPG themed handmade soaps www.guildofthearcane.com



✨️Quest complete!✨️ For anyome that remembers, I did a "Fantasy Soap Design Contest" here on my tiktok where anyone could submit a soap idea, concept, or suggestion with a fantasy or ttrpg theme.

The winner was
@Syren's Grotto , and her idea was a feywild inspired soap with twilight sky colors fragrances in a heady floral with something dark within.

This is the final bar and I hope she likes it hehe Next time I do the fantasy soap design contest I promise I'll get it done within 2 weeks lol I took forever doing this but I did run into some issues along the way. 😬

Thank you for following me, and stay tuned for more fantasy inspired soaps! ✨️

#nerdtok #fantasytok #soapmaker #soaps #fantasy #kofi #ttrpgtok
📜This is the first test run of our fantasy soap design submitted by @syrens.grotto as the winner of our fantasy soap design contest!

So far, the soaps first test pour is a little messy, lol, but I wanted to show that not all designs work as planned.

Next step, I'll be redoing them in a swirl of purple and pink because this fragrance accelerates the soap batter a touch too fast for me to do anything with too many colors or parts. I'll just add a little extra to the archfey after it's un-molded!

I'll post the final soap soon for you to see, and then it's on it way to its new home in Australia and for sale on my fantasy soap store!

#fantasytok #nerdtok #soapmaker #nerdlife #fantasyart #ttrpg #fantasyworld
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