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Guidepost Montessori


》Global Montessori Leader 》https://linktr.ee/guidepostmontessori

#WorkingWednesday 🔹 Sandpaper letters are commonly used in our Children’s House program (ages 3-6) to side the child in learning how to write and read. Additionally, this lesson helps the child practice control of movement.

Typically, you will see this material accompanied by a thin layer of sand. But if you’re practicing this at home, and in some of our classroom, you can have your child make strokes and lines with chalk, water, paint, etc.

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Writing on Chalkboard is an exercise we introduce in our children’s house program. #WorkingWednesday

The guide can use a Blank Chalkboard, Chalk, Eraser, Protector, Bucket and sponge 🧽 The child is shown to bring the basket of the materials and a letter they choose. The child is shown to hold the chalk and write the letter on the chalkboard. 🖍️

Why do we do it? To acquire ability to write and express ideas. ✍️

How do we help at home? 🏡 The child can practice the same on a chalkboard at home. If you do r have a chalkboard, you can use paper.

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#writingmotherhood #writingtips #spanishimmersion #montessorieducation #montessoriactivity #montessorichild #montessorimom #montessorimoms
#MontessoriMonday 🔹 The work cycle is such a hot topic. So, let’s dig into it. The #montessoriworkcycle is a block of time your child dedicates to uninterrupted lessons/activities. They are allowed to explore their #preparedenvironment (for tips on preparing, see last week’s tips) to engage with materials of their own choosing. They have autonomy to get up and move, change materials, restore their workspace, use the restroom, get a drink and more. 💥

How long is a work cycle? The short answer - It depends on your child’s age. Here is a quick guideline:

🔹0-3 years: 1-2 hours
🔹3-6 years: 1-2.5 hours
🔹6 years +: 2.5-3 hours

A common question we get is “what does my child’s guide do during this time? The answer: A LOT! 🟢

They are observing the classroom and taking note of how the children are doing academically. They are ensuring the children are respectful towards each other and themselves. Redirecting the children as needed. Helping them as needed. Making sure they are safe. Their purpose is to guide them.

Have questions? Drop them below.

#montessorilesson #montessoriactivities #montessoriinspired #montessorimonday #montessorimom #montessorischool #montessorimaterials
This #WorkingWednesday we are shining a light on #homeschooling 📚🎨Homeschooling is a great option for some families. Once you have chosen to educate your child at home, you will want to consider the practicalities. What do you need to make the switch from traditional school to homeschooling? What other preparations should you make to ensure a positive experience for you and your child? Does my state recognize a homeschool option? It is important to note, regulations surrounding homeschool vary from state to state. 🌎

Guidepost Homeschool is available to all families who want to either:
👉🏻 use the #curriculum as an add-on to their current schooling plan or
👉🏿 use the curriculum to replace their current schooling plan, and follow the procedures for homeschooling in their state.
✨It is also a wonderful hybrid option that complements our in-person programs!

Homeschool pricing is $99 a month #subscription that gives parents or caregivers access to our comprehensive curriculum with over 2000+ lessons. 🙀

DM us for more info!
Our starting point is our deep focus on each child as a singular, unrepeatable individual. Each particular child is herself and no one else. Unique. Irreplaceable. A constellation of characteristics, experiences, interests, hopes, and fears that no other human being on earth possesses in the same way. Our work is to honor, serve, protect, and love each individual as an individual. 💙

Any number of things combine to make up a given child’s individual identity. Everything from her love for numbers and math, to her reluctance to speak up in front of a larger group, to the fact that she is an only child but part a large extended family, to the various places where she has grown up, to her race, her culture, the communities of which she may be a member, and her own awareness of and ongoing evaluation of the way that all of these things add up to and for her.💙

Our job as educators is to figure out how to best support a child’s self-creation, how to identify, develop, and deliver physical, psychological, social, and curricular building blocks to aid a child’s work of constructing herself into an adult. In doing this work, we take into account and support the child on her terms, in full recognition of her particular, idiosyncratic individual identity.💙

We consider, and must consider, the whole child, including all of the factors—personal, familial, cultural, and more—with which she grapples. It is part of our identity as educators that we dedicate ourselves to understanding, as fully as possible, each child’s evolving personal identity as she constructs herself. This understanding is the basis of our ability to love her, to see her best self within her, and to help her most fully reach her potential. 💙 #diversity #diversityandinclusion
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