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Today I am going to teach you a zero waste household swap out. This swap out will eliminate plastic shrink wrap from your everyday life.

What you’ll need:
-💯 cotton fabric
*You don’t have to go out and buy any look through your closet pretty sure we all have a cotton shirt to spare.
-bees wax
-fabric scissors
-a large baking sheet
*I got mine at the dollar tree, I use it strictly for wax wrap making.
-box cutter (optional)
*helps cut fabric quicker then scissors

The process is easy
💥Let’s start by preheating your oven to 250• 300 max
(I almost burned my kitchen down one time 😬)

1. Cut your fabric in long strips that fit inside your cookie sheet
2. Sprinkle a sufficient amount of wax onto your fabric once in the baking sheet.
3. Put baking sheet in hot oven
*turn on the light so you can see when the wax has melted, don’t walk away. It takes seconds to melt.
4. Grab your oven mitt and pull out the baking sheet
5. While the wax is still melted; lift a corner of the wax paper (with tongs, I use my fingers) and tap off any excess wax
6. Optional- find a place to hang dry your wax wraps or simply lay them on your cold counter over none stick wax paper.
7. Now that they’re dry, cut them to different sizes to fit your individual containers.

I make tons of large, some medium and a bunch of smalls!

& there you go, we did it🎉 you can now stop buying shrink wrap power and make your very own reusable wax wrap for your household or to gift to friends and family 💯🌿🌎🫶🏽
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