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Replying to @Kendra Spurling Pasture raised chicken distractions 🐔 🍄 🌱✨ #terrariummaking #terrarium  PNW friends, we have a terrarium building workshop next weekend! Join us to create your own little fairy house 😍🌿  & now you guys know it’s no big to take apart your terrarium if you need to! 🙌 You can build, create, disassemble, and reassemble in any way you want. Go for it, create your own and tag us with your results 🍄 #pnw #pnwlife #oregon #plantshop #houseplants #plantsoftiktok #plants  created by The Houseplant Hub | Oregon with 2strings’s Refreshing first love, image of a calm morning BGM(1271384)
Replying to @Ana G A cute little installation for Slow Rise Bakehouse 😍🌱🥖 This one was so fun and simple, should we start taking you along with us for our projects? In the past we never really thought to film the process, but it might be really fun to show you all the things we have been working on… Plants for everyone! 🤩

The plant we used: left side Dracaena JC, right back side Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’, and the bushy front plant is an Aglaonema 🌱

#installation #plantinstallation #projects #plants #PlantAddict #PlantObsession #IndoorJungle
#PlantGoals #fyp #fypage #4u #forestgroveoregon #travelportland #houseplants #oregon #pnw #oregonplantshop
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