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But who knew Lego building would be one of the things that helped my anxiety this year 😳?  #lego #legoflowers #dyspraxia #anxiety #legobuilding  created by Grillodesigns with Lana Del Rey's Say Yes To Heaven
Replying to @Sally B

Well here’s a very quick run through of how I did it.

The curtains are custom made from Net Curtains Direct, and it was as simple as slipping the wire through the top and bottom opening of the curtain panels. I then screwed in the eyelet screws to the end of the wire, and attached them to the inside of the pantry door with the cup hooks.

And that’s it! I think this pantry looks so much better with curtains because now everything isn’t on show, I don’t have to worry about keeping it tidy all the time 😆!

What do you think?

#kitchenpantry #diypantry #pantryorganization #doorcurtains #pantrymakeover #pantrytransformation #fyp
@sonos is literally everything for a girl like me that LOVES to listen to things whilst I DIY or do odd jobs in my home! This week I finally put up an extra shelf in my kitchen, adding the new Era 100 - had the most fun nodding away to my favourite podcasts and swaying along to nostalgic playlists.

With the new upgraded connectivity feature and the speaker’s sleek modern design means it fits right into my home so effortlessly. I mean, it’s kind of hard to spot in this kitchen because it blends in so well! Don’t you think?

#Era100 #sonos #kitchenshelves #floatingshelves #kitchendecor
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