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Greggy Soriano


👋🏽 I'm Greggy CEO of Papapampeeew Purchase My E-Book 👇🏽Get Full Recipes👇🏽



#Ad #fritolay_partner | It’s a brand new year to experiment with fun ingredients for recipes and I've partnered with @fritolay to make Peanut Butter Kettle Corn​ ​Truffles! Frito-Lay products are more than just snacks, they can be used in a variety of ways to create fun and flavorful food experiences. These truffles are decadent, creamy, and packed with peanut butter and Kettle Corn #flvr ! The Popcorners Kettle Corn flavored chips give it an extra sweet and salty crunch! SO yum! Follow FLVR on TikTok! #foodtok @flvr_us
#DoritosPartner #Ad I’m teaming up with @Doritos to show you my favorite snack since I was a little kid! I used to come up with the most unique flavor combos in the kitchen and this Peanut Butter Doritos Sandwich was my fave! I haven’t had it in years, so let’s see if it still lives up to my amazing childhood memories.
#Ad #fritolay_partner #flvr | #ChickenSalad is trending right now and I've partnered with @flvr to make a Doritos Chicken Salad! Frito-Lay products are more than just snacks, they can be used in a variety of ways to create fun and flavorful food-oriented experiences. This salad is seriously packed with #flvr ! It has Iceberg lettuce tossed in Ranch Dressing, topped with Banana Peppers, hard boiled eggs, shredded Parmigiano Reggiano, and Doritos Chicken. So delish! Follow FLVR on TikTok! #foodtok
Replying to @kelg1984 I get all of my Filipino and Asian groceries from @Weee! Filipino 🇵🇭 Free delivery and no subscriptions fees. Get $10 off your first two orders when you use the link in my bio! 🥬🍆🍚🥘🍧 @Weee!
#Doritos_Partner I love-love-love @Doritos and a late-night food adventure!  This menu takes late-night snacking to another level and it's exactly what I'm looking for!  This is a delivery only experience available for a limited time (December 16th through the 21st), and in only the following cities: NYC, LA, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. Go to doritosafterdark.com and use the code: GREGGYAFTERDARK for 20% off!
#SumanCassava or #CassavaKamotengKahoy is a dessert made with grated #yucca and coconut milk. So delish and #glutenfree ! Perfect for Noche Buena! Get the full recipe in my blog. [Link in Bio] #filipino #filipinofood #filipinotiktok
#cornbreadbibingka is everythingggg when you spread butter on top, and sprinkle it with sugar and shredded cheese. One of my favorite #filipino American things to bake during the holidays. #bibingka #buttermochi #filipinofood
#Ad | I've partnered with @bestfoodsmayonnaise to make a Waldorf Potato Salad! This potato salad is my Mom's recipe that she makes for the holidays, but this time around, I'm using Best Foods Vegan Dressing & Spread! I love the festive colors of green and red with pops of sweetness and crunch from the apples that pair well with the savory potatoes. Same Great Taste, Plant Based! #bestfoodspartner
#ad | Lay's will be at BravoCon this year and I've teamed up with @lays to create custom cocktails and bites!  I'm making Lay's Golden Lasagna and a Lay's Make it Nice Martini!  Papapampeeew!
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