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Priced out of Paradise.

It’s the same answer given by nearly everyone who participates our “Why we left Hawaii” series. It’s also the leading answer pollsters hear when they research why Hawaii’s population has been declining for the past six years.

So why is Hawaii so expensive? It’s mostly because of Hawaii's excessive regulations, big budgets and high taxes.

If policymakers want to make the state more affordable, they have to cut taxes, spending and regulations. Tongi himself said that his family moved to Washington state because it was “cheaper.”

We’ll be rooting for Tongi to do well on “American Idol,” so one day he and the rest of his family can move back to Kahuku.
In the meantime, we need to work together to make our state more affordable so families like Tongi’s don’t have to leave in the first place.
#stitch with @TNGB | Finance Simplified What’s the point of paying some of the highest taxes if your government services are some of the worst? #hawaii #taxes #oahu #costofliving #taxpayer #greenscreen #hawaiicheck #democrat #republican
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