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Fashion school dropout 👠 turned horse trainer 🍷

Replying to @A Pixar and I will see you next year (Ill update in Jan) 😜 Hope you enjoyed 2 months in 10 minutes! 🫶🏼  created by GrabMane with Cameron James’s Game Changer
Replying to @Lexie Oh I hope you can have me out for a clinic! (That was you, right…awk if not)
Replying to @kritter You two are perfect for one another just need a little more trust which will grow a stronger partnership for better communication
Replying to @cora Did I mention this horse is so cool?
Replying to @addison crytzer It almost seemed like your adrenaline had the best of you? There was a lot of steering, loss of the shoulder resulting in counter-flexion and moments of the horse seeming confused with your aides as if you werent the same rider at home? Im being very critical, because otherwise this has potential if you just calm it all down like a Sunday morning pace?
Replying to @Joss You both would benfit from some lower level dressage and I guarantee your jumping experience together will be 3x better
Replying to @TheDragonQueen Close your hip angle 3 strides out, let the horse fold up to you, then maintain leg (2-points of contact) and let your pelvis follow instead of popping back up and sitting halfway over the fence
Replying to @Evo!! You pay to be in that arena-nice job taking your time! A shorter rein would allow you to slide away from the wither and follow the contact, but this horse is quite big so im leaving that alone
Replying to @Basic Bedard Yes I could go into depth, but that would take an hour, and I would be charging for my time. Thank me for the time and knowledge I AM donating perhaps? Yikes. www.OneFineEquine.com
Replying to @caro A pleasure to watch
Replying to @🥺 Beast. If you dont already know how, learn shoulder and haunches-in to get even more power and better bascule and knees from your horse 🤌🏼
Replying to @Alicia Thompson Unfortunately I cannot help you enough on here, because it starts on the flat, but perhaps your instructor can reword what she is looking for?
Replying to @Ella Duffy You two are great, just help your horse have better control around a course
Replying to @Emily Parker Its easier said than done! I won’t let students jump unless they have been flatting 5 days a week for 3 weeks straight. Your two-points of contact must be the most stable for jumping because thats all you have in jumping position!
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