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Ultima Replenisher


Delicious hydration for every body 💧 0 Calories • 0 Sugar • Electrolytes



@maddie5088 giving us the inside scoop on her fav way to strengthen her hair, skin, and nails 💪
Try @lowcarblove ’s Low-Carb Sangria with our NEW Ultima Beauty Collagen + Electrolytes mix 🍓​

This version is low-carb and replaces the sugar with our flavorful & sugar-free Strawberry Kiwi Ultima Beauty Collagen + Electrolytes mix. Chef’s kiss 😘

#drinkrecipe #sangria #sangriarecipe #collagendrink #collagen
Let’s make a Winter Coconut Cloud Hydrating smoothie with @bodyblissbyjess ☁️

Ingredients: ​
1/2 cup frozen avocado​
3/4 cup almond milk​
1 packet Blue Raspberry Ultima Replenisher
1 tsp blue spirulina (split in half)​
1/2 cup coconut cream (split in half)​
1-2 scoops flavorless collagen peptides​
1 tbsp nut or seed butter​
1/2 cup ice​

Directions: ​
👉 Blend all ingredients (except second 1/2 of coconut cream and spirulina).
👉 Add remaining ingredients to glass and layer smoothie on top
@elissagoodman has us blushing over here with her review of our Beauty Collagen + Electrolytes 😊

Raise your hand if you’re joining her in getting your glow on in 2023!
@houseofketo is letting us in on the secret to her healthy hair….she loves adding Ultima Beauty Collagen + Electrolytes to her smoothies 🤩​

Each serving contains: ​
✨ no sugar
✨ a broad spectrum of electrolytes​ and trace minerals​
✨ vitamin C ​
✨ zinc​
✨ 9.5 grams of Type I & III collagen to help strengthen hair, skin, and nails
🍏 Low-Sugar Appletini mocktail recipe from @rachelsteenland :

Ingredients (makes 1):​
2 tsp unsweetened apple puree​
1 fl oz unsweetened spiced apple cider​
1 scoop Ultima Replenisher Appletini
Sparkling water and ice ​

Peanut Butter ‘Caramel’ Sauce:​
1 tsp smooth unsweetened peanut butter​
1/4 tsp granular stevia​
1/2 tsp water​

Garnish (optional):​
Dehydrated apple slice​
Cinnamon stick​
Star anise​
🌟 Swap your afternoon caffeine fix for this hydrating adrenal smoothie by @lauralivewell 😋

Recipe deets below:
▫️8 oz water​
▫️1/2 cup coconut milk​
▫️1/2 cup frozen pineapple​
▫️1/2 cup frozen raspberries (or strawberries work too)​
▫️1 pack of mango pineapple @goultima Beauty Collagen + Electrolyte mix​

➡️ Blend until smooth and creamy and enjoy!
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