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I’m riding around the world with my white Swiss shepherd on the back of my bike

Suit up and ride! How to carry a big dog on your motorcycle.  I’m riding around the world with my 75 pound German shepherd Moxie on the back of my motorcycle to raise $100k for girls programs!  #dogsoftiktok #shepherd #germanshepherd #goggles #earprotection #motorcycle #bmwmotorcycle #advmoto #dualsport #womanrider  created by GoRUFFLY with Road Trip’s Road Trip
SCUTTLEBUTT. Season 4 begins today on YouTube!

Word spread along the shore of the lake as quickly as the recent wildfires had moved across the surrounding hills.

“There’s a bear near the dock!” came from a man driving past.

“You know there’s a bear by the shore?” from a pair of cyclists clad in neon suits.

The burly man who leaned against his truck offered: “It’s a black bear but it’s brown.”

French tourists approached and asked anxiously, “Is it there’s a bear here?”

So far there was only the rumor of a bear, and we weren’t to be moved from our fishing spot on the mere basis of scuttlebutt.

Greg’s dad fed the line through his fly rod while his wife read legal briefs seated on a camp chair under an umbrella.

Then Greg came hustling back from the direction of the dock.

“There’s a bear coming this way,” he said. “Pretty good size one too.”

Nearly as he said it, the bear emerged from the among the trees and bushes. He was lumbering towards us at a spry pace.

Greg descended from the road down the slope, scooped Whimsy into his arms, and told us to leave everything where it was.

We fled up the trail to the road above. From that perch just a few yards away, we watched the bear follow his nose right into our daypack.

“He’s found Whimsy’s kibble,” I said.

At first he sat and then he lay flat on his stomach for the feast. When he finished, he moved on to the
@Zesty Paws Training Bites, then the @Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming turkey tendons, and finally the @KONG Company Hooked on Trout treats.

All were delicacies that Whimsy had inherited as the leftovers from A GoRUFFLY Pilgrimage.

Five minutes went by in what might have been half an hour before the black bear who looked brown raised himself to all fours and continued his way along the shore.

That was day two of Whimsy’s first journey and it only gets more exciting from there. So, join us for the first episode of season 4 out today on YouTube @goruffly!
#motodog #travelwithdog #motorcycleadventure #womanrider #shepherd #fyp
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