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Goode Foods


🧑🏾‍🌾 Family-Owned Since 2003. Find us at Target, Kroger, Food Lion & Meijer

We have to spill the beans on some exciting news! Goode Foods Peas, Corn & Green Beans are now on sale at @target 🎯  Check out our store locator for specific addresses 🥳🛒 #target #groceryshopping #corn #blackownedbusiness #blacktiktok  created by Goode Foods with Drake’s Sticky
Hey did ya’ll hear? Goode Foods is now at all Food Lion stores across the country 🦁🇺🇸

Our journey into expanding out of the Chicago market has been anything but EASY. 😓

The first steps were daunting, as with any journey. Armed with meticulously crafted pitch decks and an arsenal of knowledge on the benefits of our product, our family dove headfirst into the competitive world of social media marketing. We knew that we had to succeed & leverage the power of online platforms to introduce our brand to a wider audience.
Hours turned into days, and days into months as our family tirelessly reached out to influencers, engaged with potential customers, and shared educational content about the health benefits of their products. This unwavering commitment struck a chord with health-conscious individuals and eco-warriors alike, inspiring them to embrace the bean and vegetable revolution. By cultivating an engaged and loyal online community, Goode Foods started an organic ripple effect that resonated far beyond the realms of our digital footprint. 🐾

But the true turning point came when Food Lion took notice of our family’s 20 year story. Eager to bring new and innovative products to their customers, they extended an invitation to our father/founder for a face-to-face meeting. What followed were two years of dedicated work, endless meetings, and back and forth negotiations that tested our resilience and determination. Thank you to all who continue to support us on this mission of brining better nutrition to our communities. 😎

#groceryshopping #groceries #foodlion #blackownedbusiness #blacktiktok
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