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Happy Nowruz and Spring Equixnox. Sal TAHVIL and the exact time of spring equinox is today March 20th, 2030 at 2:24 pm PST, Los Angeles.

We hope you enjoyed setting up and decorating your ‘Haft-seen’ tables, which is one of the most important and symbolic traditions of Nowruz.

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🌸‘Haft-Seen” in Farsi, literally translates to “the seven ‘Seens,’ which is the letter ‘S’ in Farsi.

1️⃣Sonbol (Hyacinth Flower) start of spring
2️⃣Sabzeh (Sprouts from whole wheat or lentils) Renewal and growth)
3️⃣Seeb (Apple) Beauty
4️⃣Seer (Garlic) Good Health
5️⃣Sekeh (Gold Coins) Prosperity & Samanoo (Sweet Whole wheat pudding) Wealth
6️⃣Somac (Sunraise) & Senjed (Love)
7️⃣Serkeh (Vinegar) Patience

Other items found on a haftseen table:

⏺Mirror - Self Reflection
⏺Tulips or typical spring flowers for spring
⏺Candles - Light and Life
⏺Fish - Life and Movement
⏺Eggs - Rebirth and Renewal
⏺Book of poetry from Hafez or Shahnameh, a book of wisdom, which some believe depicts some aspect of ones year to come
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Countdown to Nowruz is here! Here are our top picks and essentials for your Haftseen and Nowruz dinner.


Top Golchin Product Picks:

- Pomegranate Vinegar
- Red wine vinegar
- Sumac
- Senjet
- Whole wheat
- Fancy lentils
- Mung beans
- Kookoo Sabzi herb mix
- Sabzi polo herb mix
- Barberries
- Walnuts
- Saffron threads

🛒Buy Golchin products at your favorite international market nationwide
🙌🏻Also available at specialty online retailers such as Bidmeshk.com/golchin @bidmeshkco and Walmart.com @walmart Amazon @amazon
📧 Contact us info@golchinfoods.com to find a store near you carrying Golchin products.
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