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We’re back! (Next episode drops tomorrow morning). Check links in bio to find us across all you favourite places 😉😎🎙️#letsgo  Rix has been talking with @Becca , @user1621818896567 , @Jessica Diamond Violin & @Annalie Howling | Coach and if thats not enough, the long awaited relationship series kicks off with @nataliekazarianmft , Kat Smiles & Helena Summer. Follow & subscribe to stay up to date and gain insight from these incredibly powerful women and their unique perspectives on courage. #courage #goincourage #podcast #inspiration #selflove #selfcare #mentalhealth #promo  created by Go In Courage with Minh Vo’s original sound - Minh Vo
Episode 16 - @Jessica Diamond Violin talks to @Rix Banga about her rags to riches story, from a musician selling her car as she struggled to pay rent, to finding herself unknowingly playing in the presence of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan!

Jessica is a classically trained violinist who then moved into popular western music, including a Britains Got Talent audition, released an album and then discovered bollywood songs and has since immersed herself in the richness of eastern music.

Episode 16 now out on your fav streaming platform.

#music #journey #podcast #courage #life #fear #overcoming #growth #mindset #dreams #goals #success #inspiration #motivation #instagram #shahrukhkhan #reellife
Sometimes, the most profound moments in life come when we surrender ourselves to our calling. Embrace the journey, let go, trust your instincts, and surrender. 🌟

Embrace Your Destiny:
Life is an intricate tapestry of choices, circumstances, and opportunities. When we surrender ourselves to our destiny, we acknowledge that there is a greater plan at play. It’s about accepting that there are forces beyond our control, and sometimes, the best course of action is to go with the flow. By doing so, we open ourselves up to unexpected adventures, meaningful encounters, and valuable life lessons that we might have missed if we clung too tightly to our preconceived notions.

Trust The Journey: Surrendering to destiny doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams or aspirations. Instead, it’s about having faith in the process and the timing of events. Trusting the journey means staying committed to your goals while remaining open to detours and unexpected opportunities that can enrich your life. The path may be filled with twists and turns, but by embracing it, you gain a deeper understanding of your own resilience and adaptability.

Destiny Awaits: Your destiny is a unique story waiting to be told. It’s the culmination of your experiences, choices, and the mysterious hand of fate. By surrendering to your destiny, you allow the universe to work its magic, aligning the pieces of your life in ways you might not have imagined. Remember that even in moments of uncertainty, there’s a beauty in surrendering to the unknown and discovering the incredible journey that unfolds before you. So, embrace your destiny, trust the journey, and let the adventure begin. 🌟

#EmbraceYourDestiny #TrustTheJourney #DestinyAwaits #LifeLessons #GoInCourage #courage #fear #surrender #destiny #calling #trustyourself #selflove #trustgod
@Intimacy Therapist shares her thoughts about the United States and why there seems to be such polarisation on topics between the left and right sides of the spectrum.

Of course this is not a reflection on every American but a social commentary on what things may feel like across society / media narratives.

Are you American? Do you agree/disagree?

#america #society #commentary #courage #opinion #podcast #goincourage #fear #growth #mindset
@Intimacy Therapist shares with @Rix Banga , her insights from working with men and helping men connect with their emotional and intimate selves.

It’s okay to hit pause on the hustle and embrace the power of balance, without being made to feel men are letting their family down, or don’t deserve to have some time to of peace and restoration.

When this is balanced, we build a rhythm for our fathers/brothers/sons to be able to feel safe in their own homes without the need to escape to external places to have down time.

Remember, men’s genuine self-care isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a path to rest, renewal of energy and building resilience. 🌟

#SelfCare #Balance #StrengthInRest #men #courage #intimacy #menmatter #lookafteryourbros #invest #fear #anxiety #mentalhealth #menshealth #mentalhealthmatters #goincourage #relationships #intimacy #growth #mindset #development #instareels
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