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Goetheanum TV


Globales Tagungszentrum, Freie Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft, Dornach (CH)

#QuestionsofCourage Episode 2 - Imminent Experiences of Spirituality.

A new podcast by Nathaniel Williams, leader of thr Youth Section at the Goetheanum.

On his new podcast, Nathaniel offers an independent and unique look at questions related to technology, education, art, ecology, vocation, community, justice and meaning require a deeper, spiritual take on life.

see the full video (for free!) at the #linkinbio or listen wherever you listen to podcasts.

More info:
In this episode, Nathaniel discusses anthropological efforts of the 1960’s and 1970’s often were reductivist and condescending towards the groups of people who were being described. Through the context of Marshall Sahlins’ book “The New Science of the Enchanted Universe,” Nathaniel points us towards the spiritual experiences of the world that non-European cultures had, which were being spoken of in a Eurocentric way that diminished their power. We begin to see the ways that what was coming to awareness in the 50’s-70’s was not accepted as legitimate, and how this legacy of “colonization of what can be spoken of as legitimate” remains embedded in our culture even today.

Questions of Courage is a project of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum, in collaboration with Goetheanum TV. To support the Youth Section Action Fund, please visit: https://www.goetheanum.org/en/youth-donations.
#Beuys im Museum - Ein Gespräch zwischen Eugen Blume, Dieter Koepplin und Johannes Stüttgen im Rahmen des Beuys Symposions am #Goetheanum , gehalten am 13. May 2022.

Ganzes Video: https://goetheanum.tv/programs/beuys-im-museum-blume-koepplin-stuttgen
Vandana Shiva: Die #Wiederentdeckung des #Heiligen in der #Landwirtschaft

Ganzes Video: https://goetheanum.tv/programs/die-wiederentdeckung-des-heiligen-in-der-landwirtschaft-shiva?category_id=132376

#VandanaShiva #goetheanum
#QuestionsofCourage - a new podcast by head of the #YouthSection , Nathaniel Williams, is an independent and unique look at questions related to #technology , #education , #art , #ecology , #vocation , #community , #justice and meaning require a deeper, #spiritual take on life.

"The ability to take up these issues from this perspective is a #question of #courage ."

See the full first #episode at GoetheanumTV.
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