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#duet with @austinraynunn #greenscreen You're either with me or against me... this isn't just personal relationships but also in business. #choosewisely Sidenote: I already know I'm a great partner - I know what I'm good at, not good at or things that I personally need to work on to be a better person today. One thing is for certain - I'm always gonna be me and I check a lot of boxes and can sit at every table. #madedifferent via gioperation.com 👋🏿🗣💯🖖🏾
Tiger Woods🖖🏾 you sir are now THE GOAT of relationship breakups🏌🏿‍♂️ 💯 #byebyebirdie #HoleIn1 #youaintgottohomebutyouregettingthehelloutofhere - like literally pack yur bags, you're abt to go on the trip of your life🖕🏽✌🏾🤭 Dude this is legendary 🤣 I need the backstory tho🤷🏾‍♂️😭👊🏾 via gioperation.com #tigerwoods # tigerwoodschallenge # tigerwoodsyall
#duet with @waldirene_1978 We are gonna turn anything into a hit song! #fyp #fypage oan... checkout gioperation.com #wecomingback
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