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Sex&Intimacy Coach ✨Tantric, Somatic & Trauma Informed Healing✨ ➡️ginamarie.ca

@cheyennesapphiire and I got together recently to dive into practices that really helped us tap into our feminine expressions, embrace our masculine space holding, and let go of built-up stress and energy through somatic movement, deep breaths, and sound. We had a lot of fun and it was so deeply needed!

Let me tell you, Cheyenne’s transmission is off the charts! She’s not just my mentor; she’s also an awesome friend who’s always inspired me to heal and step into my divinity👑👑👑

Aannndddd Guess what? We’re hosting our first-ever event, and it’s all about helping you explore your yin and yang energy with Tantra practices, creating space to let go, and form deep connections with self and others. We’ve taken our combined knowledge and experience and packed it into a 2.5-hour journey to leave you feeling lighter, balanced, and loving.

Here’s the lowdown for September 15th:
- Guided breathwork and meditation
- Expressive archetypal dance
- Emotional release techniques
- Partner exercises
- Yin and yang embodiment practices

This is an intimate space, and we’ve got just 6 spots left. This is for all genders ❤️Click on the link in our bios to save your spot! ❤️🙌

🎥 Video edit by Gian @kosmikclub ❤️
#tantra #torontowellness #empowerment #yinyang #somatichealing #somaticmovement #archetypes #danceexpression
I’ve gotten by with help from a few friends! Namely…
-excellent therapists, social workers, OTs and doctors
-an intuitive coach
-Tantra teachers and mentors
-peers, sisters, and friends with massive hearts and epic space holding
-Vipassana meditation retreats
-sex, love and relationship coaching
-plant medicine ceremonies with trusted guides
-sweat lodge and Temezcal ceremonies
-yoga, meditation, breathwork and sound healing practices and trainings
-mother nature!
-spiritual guidance, tarot, reiki, blessings, birth chart readings
-100K invested in education at this point 💸💸💸
-and many more!

First, let me acknowledge how incredibly privileged I am to have had access to the professional support, top notch trainings and loving community to help me through my shit.

I have had access to free services during times when I couldn’t pay out of pocket. And I have invested thousands of dollars in education and professional help to support my growth and help break old cycles and thrive.

I consider myself resilient to have preservered thru it all while also lucky for having had so many tools and professionals accessible to me. I don’t take it for granted and I have a responsibility to be in service.

So since it’s [still😉] my birthday, I want to share the gratitude for the support I’ve received. I’m doing my very first SALE on my coaching journeys 🎉 My 10 sesh journey is 20% off until September 11 and I have one spot remaining for a mini 5 session program. Send me a DM if you’ve been wanting to work together 🎊🥳👏 Now’s the time ❤️ Feel free to share this with a friend 🙏
#healingjourney #breakingcycles #innerwork #tantra #mooncycles
It took me 12 years to leave my secure job in the mental health field. Although this part of my career gave an immense amount of grounded knowledge and experience in countless therapies and a commitment to safety, results and advocacy there was always something missing… Spirit ✨

Since then, my life’s mission is to support healing and inspire more pleasure in the world through Tantra and somatic practices that create alignment of spirit, heart and matter. This truly is my Dharma ✨

Guided by my newfound path, I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating my coaching journeys and events that bridge the body, heart, mind and soul.

Next up on this journey is my role as co-facilitator of the Embodying the Feminine Arts - Peru Soul and Sacred Medicine Retreat in February 2024!!! I envision a sanctuary where women will gather to embrace their creativity, reclaim their power, and ignite the flame of their fullest sensual expression. My @soulschoolyoga Sisters and I l have carefully curated a week filled with movement, emotional liberation, sensuality, connection, and healing practices, all aimed at nurturing the soul and awakening the divine feminine energy within.

I am so grateful I followed my heart and guidance of spirit to be here!

And if you’ve been listening to the pings from the universe to embody your inner feminine and do some next level healing for your soul… This retreat is for you… reach out in a DM to chat more🙏
#embodyingthegoddess #femininearts #tantra #plantmedicine #selflove #sensuality #womensretreat #peru #healing
In a room filled with sisterhood, I layed down at the center of the stage, ready to breathe into my womb. I was led by the gentle leadership of my teacher @marinanabao and held by nearly a hundred women. Each carrying her own stories, struggles, and power, we had come together to explore the depths of our beings, to tap into the profound wisdom residing within our wombs.

As I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I felt the connection to my pain, life lossed, grief, anger from my lifetime and those before me. I moaned, cried, screamed, punched, and then laughed and giggled with delight and humour. With every inhale, I drew in the strength and love emanating from my ancestors and the goddess. Exhaling, I released any doubts and fears that might hold me back from realizing just how fucking powerful I am.

I was gently guided to focus my awareness on the message for me from my womb, the sacred space where my feminine power resides. As I tuned into this space, I sensed an inner knowing awakening within, one that reminded me that I’ve given my power away in hopes of “making it” when really everything I want to create starts with the seeds that exist within.

With each breath, I allowed myself to surrender, surrender to the emotions, the sensations, and the intuitive guidance emerging. The women in the room became a web of strength and safety, a safe haven to be witnessed for my vulnerability and empowerment. I realized we are all here rooting for each other’s success, in spite of the stories we have been told that we’re competing against one another.

As I rested in stillness, I carried the essence of that experience within me—that my breath is the key to my own body’s wisdom where the power to enter into altered states and deeper knowing lives. And as I stepped off the stage, I vowed to honor my own power, never again giving it away to anyone or anything.

-Reflections from the VITA Retreat where I had the honour of being a part of the Womb Breathwork demo with Marina. This was a special moment of both personal and collective healing and deep service. Greatest gratitude to those who shared this with me.
#wombwisdom #wombpower #breathwork #selflove
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