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Heavy music site full of interviews & news for all your genre needs.

What new Rock & Metal records are you looking forward to this week!?

Abyssal Rift – Extirpation Dirge (Sentient Ruin Records)
Aggression – Frozen Aggressors (Massacre Records)
Bjørkø – Heartrot (Svart Records)
Cobra Spell – 666 (Napalm Records)
Codeseven – Go Let It In (Equal Vision Records)
Cryptosis – The Silent Call EP (Century Media Records)
Demoncy – Black Star Gnosis (Dark Descent Records)
Dune Pilot – Magnetic (Argonauta Records)
Extortionist – Devoid EP (Unique Leader Records)
Full of Hell & Nothing - When No Birds Sing (Closed Casket Activities)
Gilded Form – Gilded Form (Burning World Records)
Going Off - Kill List EP (Church Road Records)
Helfró – Tálgröf (Season Of Mist)
Immortal Guardian – Unite And Conquer (Massacre Records)
L’il Lotus - Nosebleed - (Epitaph Records)
Necronemesis – Warfield Forever EP (HPGD)Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Panopticon – The Rime Of Memory (Bindrune Recordings)
Paradise Lost – Icon 30 (Nuclear Blast Records)
Pharm – The Tower EP (Self-Released)
Plini - Mirage EP (Self-Released)
Robben Ford – Night In The City (earMusic)
Soulprison – Lucid Nightmare EP (Blood Blast)
Swansong – Awakening (Noble Demon)
Unprocessed – And Everything In Between (Self-Released)
Visions Of Atlantis – A Pirate’s Symphony (Napalm Records)
Walking Corpse – Our Hands, Your Throat (Transcending Obscurity)

The Usual Suspects:
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New Music Friday - New Rock & Metal Releases Preview 11-23-23

What new albums are you excited for this week!?

Almost Honest – The Hex Of Penn’s Woods (Argonauta Records)
Beyond Grace – Welcome To The New Dark Ages Part 1 EP (Self-Released)
Burden Of Grief – Destination Dystopia (Massacre Records)
Convocation – No Dawn For The Caliginous Night (Everlasting Spew Records)
Cruciamentum – Obsidian Refractions (Profound Lore)
Degenerator – The Abyssal Throne (Self-Released)
Devin Townsend – Infinity 25th Anniversary Edition (InsideOut Music)
Dool – Visions Of Summerland (Live At Arminius Church Rotterdam) (Prophecy Productions)
Dreamwalkers Inc. – The First Tragedy Of Klahera (Layered Reality)
Enthroned – Hadean Box Set (Dissonance Records)
Everson Poe – The Tower (Trepnation Records)
EYE AM - Cryptomnesia (Single) (Corpse Paint Records)
Glenn Hughes and Robin George – Overcome (HNE Records)
Gnaw Their Tongues – The Cessation Of Suffering (Consouling Sounds)
Headshot – …Makes Us Survive! (MDD Records)
Helga – Wrapped In Mist (Season Of Mist)
High Spirits – Safe On The Other Side (High Roller Records)
Hitten – While Passion Lasts (High Roller Records)
Lillian Axe – The Box: Volume One Resurrection Box Set (Cherry Red Records)
March To Die – Tears Of The Gorgon (No Remorse Records)
Midnight Odyssey – Biolume Part 3: A Fullmoon Madness (I, Voidhanger Records)
Master’s Call – A Journey For The Damned (Fireflash Records)
Mourn The Light, High Priest, Ice Howl & Archdruid – Split (Self-Released)
One Master – The Names Of Power (Eternal Death Records)
Slodder – A Mind Designed To Destroy Beautiful Things (Majestic Mountain Records)
Sol – Promethean Sessions (I, Voidhanger Records)
Sort Sind – I Skyggen af Livet (Nuclear Winter Records)
Strange New Dawn – New Nights Of Euphoria (Svart Records)
Swords Of Dis – Melencolia (I, Voidhanger Records)
Tariot – Drag Me To Hell (Out Of Line)
Trapeze – Lost Tapes Vol. 1 (Metalville Records)
Valdrin – Throne Of The Lunar Soul (Blood Harvest)
Wet Cactus – Magma Tres (Electric Valley Records)
Zahn – Adria (Crazysane Records)

The Usual Suspects:
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