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Zero Proofed


zero proof events and cocktails www.getzeroproofed.com

Are you joining us for Sober October this year? #sobercurious
Im a mechanical #engineer thats worked on rockets 🚀, robots 🤖, and climate tech 🌱. Heres how it prepared me to open my own #startup , Zero Proofed:

-> As an engineer designing tech of the future, you have to CHALLENGE basic ASSUMPTIONS in order to innovate. This helped me question everything about bars, social activities, and night life to bring ideas that will help us solve the loneliness epidemic

-> As an engineer, you must ITERATE. That means starting with the most basic design/idea and building off of that. Turns out building a cocktail recipe works the same way - start with your base spirit, assess every quality about it, test different mixtures, and iterate till you have the right build

-> COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION is key. An average new machine has touched dozens, hundreds, or thousands of hands. Often times their point of failure isnt due to limitations in the design, but limitations in communication & collaboration. As an engineer, i learned that ANYTHING is possible if you know how to work with your team and communicate with them. Those clear communication skills are essential to building Zero Proofed
Can my #sobercurious girlies relate? 🤣
#greenscreen get yours now at www.getzeroproofed.com!!!!!!!!

**Our best selling cocktail can now be purchased as a kit in Los Angeles & Orange County! Pre-order on our website now.

Outside of LA & OC? Don’t worry, Zero Proofed kits will soon be available to ship nationwide** 🥳

#zeroproofdrinks #cocktails #zeroproofcocktails #sobercurious
Who’s with me?? 🙋🏽‍♀️ The #sobercurious movement is changing the fabric of society. Are you ready for it? Learn more ⬇️

You’re looking at the sisters of Zero Proofed - we’re leading a sober curious movement in Los Angeles by hosting exclusive zero proof cocktail bars in your community to help you “Get Your Sundays Back”. We’re James Beard Foundation recognized & have teamed up with Bumble, Alana’s Coffee, and the Proper Hotel Group. Follow us to attend our next Yoga & Cocktails event!

Get your Sundays back! We love everything about social drinking ...except the booze. Bring on the toasts, the happy hours, the flavors, the wild nights out - but make them booze free. We’re dreaming of a world where we drink less booze, have fewer hangovers, live in the present, and create epic memories. Right now we’re curating drinks & planning our second Los Angeles pop up.

Find us on social media @getzeroproofed! Featured in Eater LA, Food Network, Voyage La, Patch.com, WeHo Times, Zero Proof Nation, and more.

#sobercurious #zeroproof #losangeles #denver
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