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Geraldine Snell / music magic


🎢ethereal music, video, embodiment, writing ✨ Http://geraldinesnell.com

Reflecting on it being just over a year since I started gigging consistently, and the range of places and vibes I've cherished sharing in.

From maximal looper mesmerism at Katzpace and Love Herder to minimal keys and tender vocals at Soul Tribe and the Village.. it's been really special to strip back and own my voice which, in the past, I've felt is so small, weak, and unworthy

My set at The Village was preceded by a sore throat and a cold which at one point felt it'd totally compromise my voice. But of course, amongst the attendees, was Charlie's apothecary, who gave me some shilajit, anise and turkey tail tincture which made me feel oN TOP of the world!

This song/medley seems to go down particularly well, but when people ask me where they can hear the 'na na na, na na na na na naaa' one, they're currently in production for release next year. So here is a full live capture, with the flawless sound-desk recording from Chris Adams of Solar Sound Tribe :

& big love to Jonny O'Donnell always serving the music and jumping on djembe which also really augmented the vibes here, and all the village folk for the space they created at the event! The Rising Dawn Sanctuary CIC

A recording of the full set is streamable to subscribers on my website - go to geraldinesnell.com to sign up free!

#ethereal #originalmusic #love #soundhealing #musicismedicine #livemusic #music #flow #dreamy #downtempo
Another song captured at The Village Festival August 2023 with @Jonny O'Donnell on the djembe.

Currently recording this song telephone for my new album and it's been going down very well when played live! πŸ“žπŸ©·πŸŽΆ

Join mailing list at geraldinesnell.com πŸ”— and explore link in bio for first updates and exclusive streams 🀩
Been enjoying setting the flow with my own percussion when performing with the looper recently #bossrc505 - 4-4-8 breathing sets a beautiful pace with silence during the hold and gave a sweet scaffolding for this telephone/delightfulimerence medley I did at my feature slot at Todmorden's noise upstairs in July goldenliontod

The album track from 2022's light&love LIVE is actually 4-7-8 but still a good hold and longer exhale trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and a soothing relaxation (rest and digest) response

#breathwork #soundhealing #musicismedicine #percussion #looper #livemusic
🀯 There have been so many eerily synchronous weather moments recently, one such occurred during my set at The Village last weekend, when the rain started hammering on the marquee as I got to the lyric "seize the day, keep your juices flowing" β˜”β˜”β˜”β˜”β˜” was full of cold before but it all seemed to disappear when I got up there and likely thanks to charlies apothecary for saving the day and voice βš•οΈ

πŸ™πŸ» Big thanks and big love to The Village for setting a safe and tender space for expression, and
@Jonny O'Donnell for jumping on djembe and always serving the music πŸ₯ hopefully more footage to emerge from the soundesk and camera that was rolling

🎢 Next stop LOVEJAM campout where we will no doubt be deep in the jam, and I crooning along with my lil keyboard 🎹 around well kept fires πŸ”₯at witching hours - last tickets still available if anyone wants to join

🎀 No gigs lined up right now as I focus on producing this and other songs for my third album overlove. Ever open to gigs, festivals, intimate gatherings, parties, I'm up for all of it and versatile with the vibe I can provide in a set

πŸ”— Check out geraldinesnell.com/presskit for more and join the mailing list for exclusive recordings and updates
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