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Crystal Seller in the U.K. ✨ www.geofossils.com



We jam pack as many crystal into £50 Mystery Crystal Box. Here's what we created for our last order. Lucy I hope you really, really loved it! ❤ Selenite Heart - Reflects negativity away into either. 🧡 Honey Calcite - Gives an energy boost 💗 Fluorite - Fantastic for the immune system, a must have for the cold months ahead. 🤯 Kunzite - Calm the mind, opens your heart Chakra. it also UV reactive this pink crystal becomes orange. 🧡Hackmanite (this gorgeous it is UV reactive) 💜 Sugar Pyrite (Mine is now closed so no more supply😥). 💰 Pyrite incredible crystal for abundance need some $$$$ then this is your crystal. 🛡 Black Tourmaline - Selenite deflects, Black Tourmaline absorbs negativity. 💟 Lepidolite - Helps calm the mind, boost self confidence, self love and open your heart and crown chakra. 💚 Cobaltoan Calcite - for me the ultimate self love crystal. 🌈 Chalcopyrite - Transformational crystal helps you see the best in you and around you. 🎯 Quartz Geode - Must have in every collection, the Madter Healer which amplifies the other crystals in your collection. That is not all folks! You will have to order your Mystery Box and see what else has been included. 👉Follow @geofossils ❤ Like 👇 Comment - Should we do a Live on Tiktok #crystalporn #crystalpornbykim #queenofheartssale #crystalsoftiktok #crystaltok #crystalhealing #geofossils #fortheloveofcrystals #rawcrystals #crystalobsessed #crystalobsession⭐️ #crystalobsession🔮 #healingcrystals #healingcrystaltiktok #healingcrystalrocks #healingcrystalshop #healingcrystalsrock
Cobaltoan CalciteCobaltoan Calcite, also known as Cobalt Calcite and Aphrodite Stone, is an uncommon variety of Calcite with Cobalt impurities. Usually, the amount of Cobalt within determines how pink the stone is. Cobaltoan Calcite is a talisman of love that helps uncover our genuine emotions. With its relaxing vibrations, this pink crystal helps us release the walls we build around our hearts. When you begin the journey of self-discovery Cobaltoan Calcite is your guide, many experiences, thoughts, and feelings may be brought up and cause discomfort. But this crystal is here to “hold” you during this transition and provide as much nourishment and love as you need to get through the trauma. In addition, Cobaltoan Calcite reinforces how strong of a person you genuinely are to continue moving forward each day. As we release the ties that bind us, you will realise how much negativity you have been carrying around daily. However, while facing these experiences, you will learn to grow from them and soon realise what having a “cleansed soul” truly means. Each day you will have more space to love and do things that genuinely make you happy. Cobaltoan Calcite helps you live a life full of joy and compassion while not forgetting where and what you came to face.Chakra Associated: HeartCrystal Pairing: Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Green Calcite, Chrysoprase, Pink Tourmaline and Malachite.#geofossils #forthelove ofcrystals #geofamily #crystalpor nbykim #crystals # newbeginni ngs #selfdiscov ery #anxiety #i nnerpeace #pinkcalcit e #cobaltoanc alcite #cobaltoanc alcitecrystals #cobaltoanc alcitespecimen #translucen tpink #rareminera ls #bouazzer # bouazzermi ne #bouazzermi nerals #morrocanmi nerals #rareminera l #finedetail #amazingcol ourcombination #confidence boost #confidence #selfesteem #crystalsuk #chakraheal ing#crystalheal ing #healingwith crystals
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