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A New Hope for #Elephants, #Communities & the #Environment

Today, we celebrate the new life of baby Jai Dee, his mother, Mho Jae & Sook Sai. Jai Dee is the #future we hold in our hands. A chance to show the world that this is how tiny giants should live. Together, we can create a better world for captive #elephants .

#Thursday 💞🐘 #gentlegiant #GGFamily #babyelephant #celebrate #newlife #endcaptivity

💥The bidding's in full swing, but ENDS tomorrow, Sept. 15th, 5pm EST.

This gorgeous piece, created by Matt Condie of @MIND Works Art Co. is valued at $2,500.00! Don't miss this one of a kind, stunning, signed masterpiece!

🔊Link in Bio

Mae Mai's Story:

Beautiful Mai Mai, a 31 yr old elephant who endured terrible abuse & cruelty. 1st, her knee was dislocated in the logging ind. Then a bull attacked her when she was force bred (raped), destroying her stifle joint & further damaging her knee; leaving her forever handicapped. Useless to her owners; Lek Chailert found her hidden away, on a very short chain, starving, with water just out of reach. Lek asked if we could help & sure enough, we stepped in.

Jan. 8, 2021, Mai Mai began her journey to sanctuary walking down the river. Each step she took during that 8 hours was with excruciating pain. Mae Mai's bravery & will to live kept her going until she finally reached ENP. Upon arrival, Doctor Tom, ENP's vet, & his team took care of her immediately. Unfortunately, surgery for her knee was out of the question. It could not be repaired. She remained in her shelter for months. She was frightened of everything. Her knee, so badly swollen & injured; always guarding & protecting it. We just knew something had to be done. That's when we decided to contact Derrick Campana from Bionic Pets, & after many months of coordination, the 1st elephant knee brace in history was born. Built specifically for Mae Mai, using the latest technology, this brace opened up a new world to our beautiful girl; giving her the confidence to leave her shelter; walk down to the river, & mud bathe. All for the 1st time since she had been at ENP. A truly heartwarming, emotional, momentous occasion.

🐘Not only do you have an opportunity to own this stunning piece of art, a piece of history, but you will be supporting elephants. Matt is graciously donating 100% of the proceeds to GG to help support the 41 under our care.

#auction #graphitedrawing #graphiteart #originalart #oneofakind #gentlegiants #artwork #art #GGFamily #animallover #elephantlove #elephant #charityfundraiser #charityauction #benefitauction
Throwback Fruity 💲5-DOLLAR Friday for Our Potato Bug 💛🐘🍌🍌
🎥 Full video on
#YouTube @GentleGiantsNonProfit
Just look at how tiny our little potato bug was, swimming & splashing in her red tub. On that day in May, 3 years ago, we had a special cake made just to celebrate her & her mama & see them have fun. Our baby girl has grown & grown. She has become a banana monster eating machine 💛🤣🍌 she just doesn't seem to get enough! Because she is still recovering from the terrible infection that attacked her, vet says it will still be some time before she is fully recovered, we want to give her all the love & bananas she desires🍌

#GGFamily #elephants #babyelephant #bananas #donate #elephant #charity #health #recovery #fridaynight
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