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🔅Lymphoma cancer survivor 🔅Here to help you beat cancer too 🔅Educating w/ tea



#repost from @kingkidlove ==================== Check out how our Root blend in action. The beautiful part about it is you have the liberty to decide what your healing looks and tastes like. @kingkidlove decided to add lemon and seamoss 😋 Root is an amazing blend hand-crafted with the intention to help with grounding with the root chakra + cleansing the blood & lymphatic system. Can you see why we love Root? Grab your Root blend to heal + enjoy with on our website, www.eyermbr.com or click link in bio. #healingtea #rootchakra #grounding #looseleafteas #bloodcleanser #lymphaticsystem #hibiscus #burdockroot
The goal of cellular detoxing is to rejuvenate, cleanse cells by removing toxins from tissues. This involves herbs, raw fruits & vegetables, supplements & juicing. Its purpose is to renew and rejuvenate cells within the body. Our cells regenerate every 7-10 years. Blood cells undergo replacement every 4-6 weeks. So detoxification requires a minimum of 30 days. Cellular detoxification targets the core of the cellular replication. This is key when it comes to cancer because cancer is the over replication and regeneration of hyperactive, degenerative cells. So YES. EVERYTHING should be consumed raw & seeded. No cooked foods. Cooking destroys necessary enzymes imperative in the regeneration process and slows down absorption of nutrients during digestion. Avoiding vigorous exercise is encouraged bc it still creates an acidic environment within the body. Remember, during cellular detoxification, the goal is to create and maintain an alkaline state to repair, rejuvenate & heal cells. So light exercise such as walking is okay but maybe pause on the interned workouts for a bit. Alkaline foods are what’s gonna bring balance to the high acidity in our body. Remember: 🥭Acid = corrode, burn & breakdown 🥭Alkaline = nurture, heal & create So keep things simple when thinking about the raw, alkaline foods to eat while cellular detoxing. You may consider: Apples Burro bananas Papaya Pear Plum Dates Figs Avocado Bell pepper Mushrooms Olives Dandelion Kale Watercress …& more #c#cellulardetox a#alkalinefood a#acid c#cellrejuvenation m#mindbodyspirit a#alkalinefruit alkalineveggies #cancertok #cancersurvivor
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