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GÂRDEN | Make Music Bloom


Together with artists we co-create next level livestreams 🎬 www.garden.stream

Dream big or go home! 💤💭 @Oh Whale didn’t shy away from saying they’d love to open up a show for @Radiohead

The interview is out now on our YouTube channel, get to know them like we did! 🎬

#GÂRDENinterviews #GÂRDEN #Gettoknowme #makemusicbloom #radiohead #radioheadfan
What’s your opinion on exchanging energy when it comes to music and performing? @OATS tells us about it in their interview 🎙️

Get to know OATS by watching the full interview on our YouTube!

#GÂRDEN #GÂRDENinterviews #Gettoknowme #makemusicbloom #mathcore
@Monokino ‘s music is a kaleidoscope of sonic palettes and creative tropes, defying the constraints of genre and forging an entirely new and mesmerising sonic landscape of its own.

Join the livestream for free via garden.stream !
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