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Twitch Streamer, Geekery Community: https://twitch.tv/gamersledge

#peteandbas #reaction My first time listening to Pete & Bas. Not even a minute in and I get hung up on the samples. #enya #fujis
#challenge #failure #hotones these are the hot sauces I have to do if I fail at the 3 Battle Royale challenge on Monday - 3 BRs, 3 wins in 3 hrs….Mon Mar 20th. Twitch.tv/gamersledge
I know Frozen gets a bad wrap but I love it. While this isn’t that, it reminds me of it. #decorations #tree #geek Join is on twitch as we open our 25 days of D&D calendar at twitch.tv/Gamersledge !
Probably the funniest of the series IMHO. #decorations #tree #geek @wickedhallow4u @babygirl19744 See us open todays D&D calendar item on screen 6:30 pacific at twitch.tv/Gamersledge
This is one of my favs #decorations for the #tree #geek stuff! A button lights the nacelles. Love that it’s the E from “All good things.” Join us live as we open a d&d calendar on stream daily at twitch.tv/Gamersledge!
26 day ornament series day 3/25 #decorations #geek #fortnite Don’t forget to thank the bus driver, and check out the Chapter 3 event on our YouTube @gamersledge
Day 2 of 25 - #decorations from the tree #holidays are here! Can’t wait to see which ones are your favs! We are opening a D&D calendar daily on stream at twitch.tv/Gamersledge !
#holidays #decorations #geek My wife is great at decorating, here is the first of 25 decorations on the tree this year! We are also opening one D&D item from a 25 day calendar on stream starting tonight! Twitch.tv/Gamersledge
#kingdomdeathmonster #funny #unexpected Ken chimes in with his love for trucks.
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