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Dose of LOVE, LIFE & LAUGHTER in these streets! Email💌 gabrielle@gabebabetv.com



Valentine’s Day is a fun time to show appreciation for the special ones in your life. #ad This year, Babe surprised me with the best @hallmark Better Together plush pair! Years ago on your honeymoon, we ate grilled cheese sandwiches every day for lunch. Since then, it’s always been our thing. What’s better than grilled cheese and tomato soup?! I like to think it’s the perfect pair, just like us! 🥰 How are you going to celebrate the person who makes your life better together this year? Shop for Better Together plush pairs at your Hallmark Gold Crown store or Hallmark.com #bettertogether
Replying to @losingstephanie Y’all let me know what you would have done…would you have paid for the drink? What about the tip? #storytime #serviceindustry #fyp #serverlife
Working out is important to me as well as staying on top of my recovery. #WalgreensPartner I sometimes experience stiffness or a little pain afterwards, so I’ve started to incorporate the @walgreens Brand Red Light Therapy Handheld Unit for natural pain relief. It’s the perfect solution for natural pain management like minor muscle aches and stiffness. With it being Walgreens pharmacist recommended, it is now part of my routine because I know it works as hard as I do. Click the link in my bio to shop for now! #Walgreens #WellWithWalgreens
#storytime Folks been trying me lately! Let me know if I was in the wrong?? 👀 #fyp
#ad We’re keeping up with our goal to eat more at home! With the help of Boost by Pay Less I can order groceries from the comfort of my home. There is also a 30-day FREE trial available with FREE next-day delivery! Enroll now to take advantage of Boost 30-day FREE trial. @Kroger #kroger
So, are we officially dancers now?! 😂 @Virgin Voyages decided to remake a classic song and a fun dance with it. It’s a vibe for sure! How'd we do? #nowwerevoyaging #ad DC: @Alex Wong
Replying to @syx_7_ate Yeah, the swelling was mentioned but I guess I had no idea it would get so bad! Just make sure you’re prepared for all of it beforehand. #mommymakeover #tummytuckjourney #mommymakeovertips #tummytuck
The holidays are here and I’m doing lots of baking with the kids! #ad Thanks to my @Amazon Echo Show 15, we can find a variety of new recipes to try and get step by step instructions from @Alexa along the way. I have to admit it’s one of my favorite features. Check out the Amazon Echo Show 15, you won’t regret it!
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