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Future Leaders Initiative SL


Nonprofit organization working with children, women and girls to end violence

Dear Leaders,

You are invited to our weekly discussions on menstruation empowerment, where we come together to share experiences, insights, and strategies to empower women and girls around the world. These discussions will take place every Saturday via zoom at 2 PM and will run for 40 minutes, providing ample time for engaging conversations.

During these interactive sessions, we aim to foster a safe and supportive environment where we can openly discuss menstruation, challenge societal norms, and empower women and girls to embrace their bodies without shame, embarrassment, or depression. We are excited to announce that every week, we will feature two inspiring guests from anywhere across the world, who will share their unique perspectives and insights on menstruation empowerment.

We firmly believe that your presence and valuable input will contribute significantly to the enriching conversations we have planned. Your voice, experiences, and ideas are vital in creating a diverse and inclusive dialogue that reflects the global experiences of women and girls.

To participate in our discussions and have the opportunity to hear from our special guests, simply join us via Zoom at the designated time. To receive the Zoom meeting details, please email us at futureleadersinitiative6@gmail.com or contact the host, Saffiatu Barrie, at barriesaffiatuflisl@gmail.com. We will ensure that you receive all the necessary information to join our virtual gathering.
We encourage you to come prepared to share your experiences, insights, and any empowering strategies you have discovered on your own journey.

The good thing is, you don't have to worry if you are not feeling comfortable to share your story. We believe as we get along, you will have to energy , courage and confidence to do so.

Note, please as you join do not share any other contents here or you will be removed. Thank you and stay bless!🥰🤗

Follow the link below to be part of the family.

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