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A s-xual liberation podcast hosted by a #HotGirlScientist

Is it just me?!? 🤣

You know what system can f*ck up good sex...capitalism. It can exploit your erotic energy, and sexologists are not immune.

In Intimate Justice, Threadcraft discusses how Black women work in more strenuous jobs and have longer commutes than our White counterparts. This has an impact on our intimate lives.

So while I absolutely know that prioritizing sex for the health and pleasure benefits is an important intervention, priority isn't the only factor. #SexualLiberation is tied to all other forms of #liberation

#knuckifyoubuck #IntimateJustice #intimacy #FTSPodcast #FuckTheSystem #SexualLiberation
#intimacy isn’t something you need to avoid. Even if you’re not interested in romantic commitment, intimacy isn’t reserved just for exclusivity. It’s a normal human thing to have and want to share emotional connection, and it helps facilitate #IntimateJustice

#FTSPodcast #FuckTheSystem #SexualLiberation
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