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From Dusk Till Dog


🐾 Dogs, life & a dash of humor 🎓 Certified Dog Trainer - CPDT-KA Resources⬇️



🎉 The results are in! We used the @embarkvet Oral Health Kit to learn more about Bruce and how to keep his smile looking like a million bucks! #ad

This at-home test analyzes the bacteria in your dog’s mouth to access their oral health. You not only get detailed results of your dog’s oral microbiome, but also personalized recommendations for your dog. I enjoy being able to send the results to our veterinarian and work together to help Bruce live his best life. 🐾

🌟 Use code ERIKA to save $19 on the Embark Oral Health Kit 🌟
🔗 Click the link in bio to check it out!

#fromdusktilldog #embarkvet #dog101
🎉 The results are in! Our dogs’ ages are no longer a mystery, thanks to @embarkvet ’s Age Test! #ad

This test estimates your dog’s calendar age, let’s you know what life stage they are in, and gives you an estimated birthday to celebrate! 🥳

I am beyond happy to now know more about my two little buddies! We have used Embark’s Breed + Health Kit before as well and loved finding out more about their breeds and overall health.

🌟 Use code ERIKA to save on the Embark Age Test and/or the Breed + Health Kit! 🌟
(Click the link in my bio to check it out!)

This would be a great holiday gift for yourself, your dog, or a fellow dog parent! 🎁

#fromdusktilldog #embarkvet #doggifts #dog101
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