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Fota Wildlife - Cork, Ireland. Conservation, Education & Fun Charity # 20011857



It's #SquirrelAppreciationDay and Fota Wildlife Park is home to some #RedSquirrel
Grey Squirrels are not present on #FotaIsland , though they have been spotted as far south as Mitchelstown in recent times. As a result, the Park is anxious to maintain its own environment as a safe haven for the Red Squirrel, which is often seen scampering in and around the car park and within the woodland areas of the Park’s boundaries. #PureCork
Takeaway lunch, one of the #HowlerMonkey decided to take her food to go this afternoon in the Park.
It's #InternationalCheetahDay today.
The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world today.
#FotaWildlife #Cork #BIAZA
Did you know the #RothschildGiraffe tongue is about 17 inches long?
Our #LemurTrail has finished in the Wildlife Park, if you missed it here's ranger Eibhlín discussing the different species of #Lemur at Fota Wildlife
Our #Lemur Trail is happening in the Wildlife Park this week, with lots of different videos about these special #primates from #Madagascar
#LearnOnTikTok #FotaWildlife
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