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Women’s local buy/sell marketplace. 📍Currently in Austin, TX. forallhers.com

🚨Selling Tip!! Why your item might not be selling and how you can fix it! Drop your own selling tips & favorite local donation spots in the comments 👇 #secondhand #vintageseller #buysell #buyselltrade #allhers  created by Allhers with Allhers’s original sound
20 second tour of the most incredible work-from-home office by @jessbunge 👏👏👏 I can’t decide my favorite part: that chair, those curtains, the chandelier, EVERY SINGLE DETAIL 🤯

#homeofficeinspo #homeofficedesign #homeofficeideas #homeofficedecor
🍓 Matting really elevates the art, but not every piece needs to be matted. Mix it up!
@frameiteasy makes really affordable custom mats to fit your frame. I got some of mine from there.
🍓 Art doesn’t have to be all paintings, prints or photographs. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! I framed a $30 tea towel I found (and it’s one of the largest central pieces of my gallery wall). I also used some old sketches my grandpa did in grade school, stuck up some prints from a vintage shop, use some Polaroids, I used a print I cut out of an old art book, I even stuck a key from the hotel we stayed at during our wedding up there (tutorial to come).
🍓 Not everything has to be framed. Stick some stuff up with sticky tack (make sure to get a kind that doesn’t damage the art or the wall). Or use art clips (I used one toward the top of the gallery wall) - you can find them on @Etsy or Amazon.
🍓 Frames don’t have to be expensive. You can get some good simple ones from Ikea, but secondhand is really such a great option. Especially with the custom matting I mentioned above. Search Allhers or local thrift shops to start gathering your frames.
🍓 Float framing is another way to really elevate the look. But it’s not necessarily cheap. I float framed one piece of art from @Framebridge and love it!
🍌 Have some other tips? Drop them in the comments below!

Shout out to @Emily Henderson (my old boss) and her team who’s styling tips I refer to constantly!
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