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For Duck’s Sake


Helping feed, rescue & rehab dumped domestic ducks and I have a crazy cat.

EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER: If you've been following our page, you know Chuck's story. He has had a really rough road. Based on his injuries when he was first found, we know he was extremely abused and neglected with burns and sores all over his legs and feet from being forced to sit in his urine and poop. One of those sores ended up causing multiple infections, one in particular in his leg joint. He was then dumped at a pond.

We have tried multiple treatments, but we are left now with euthanasia or amputating his leg.

While many might question his quality of life with no leg, I have several special needs ducks and I feel like he wants to live. Besides his leg, he is healthy. He will be able to swim in a shallow pool, he loves his big huge bed, his daily treats, and mealworms. He also enjoys spending time with my other special needs Pekin, Juniper who just lost her friend Maple not to long ago.

We are hoping the surgery will be successful, but realize there's a chance it might not be. But we feel we need to try.

Chuck has suffered severely at the hands of humans, and I don't feel it's fair just to take his life because of it.

Please if you can help our fundraiser for Chuck, we would greatly appreciate it. Even sharing helps a ton.
We have fundraisers on Instagram and Facebook. Link in peofile.

We also have Venmo/Paypal @ forducksake

We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit, so donations are tax deductible.

Please keep Chuck in your thoughts and prayers. He needs them. His surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 4th.


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