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I make my meals into masks and then I eat them. He/him. 🏳️‍🌈🇮🇩🇺🇸

#duet with @Shabaz Says #povvogang breakfast in bed today because I’m no longer a povvo thanks to my $10k a month gig
Ok internet, if you’re going to make my work viral, at least do it on my account!

I can’t believe the video of
@Benjy Bradshaw and Allison Walker eating my food masks at the Invisible Dog last year is being watched by millions of people. Although it is out of context, I do enjoy the conversations people have been having on what is art, can this be real, food inequalities and exploitation of workers. That’s cool! What is not cool is saying mean things about my fellow performers. So sometimes I step in.

Thanks for everyone for tagging me on all the meme accounts that post these videos without crediting me! It really makes a difference. And also remember last year when spaghetti al limone was the trendiest meal here? What is it now?

#personasplatefortherich #hungergames #foodmasku #brooklyn
Meme accounts went wild captioning the first course of this performance in brooklyn with the caption “would you work here for $10k a month”

To add more context. It was performed for the opening refeption of Nafas, an exhibit and festival of food and art, at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, 2022. I performed it with Allison Walker and
@Benjy Bradshaw - I think around 500 audience members came and one of them took this video.

We staged the space to look like a restaurant. Our table was slightly higher and spotlit well. I would make the masks live in front of them and they ate it. We didn’t engage with the audience. It was just a dinner conversation during the meal.

I like how the search bar for the meme account videos are hunger games or person as plate for the rich. Even though it’s out of context, I’m glad the piece sparked conversations on food inequalities and exploitation of service workers.
Thanks a melon for tagging me on those meme accounts that share these videos without tagging me!

This was a performance done on the opening of Nafas, a festival and exhibit of art and food at the Invisible Dog art Center in Brooklyn, October 2022. Performed by myself,
@Benjy Bradshaw and Allison Walker.

It was a four course meal but only one of them so far has gone a little viral with the clickbait “Would you work here for $10k a month”

I am sad I was never credited. I don’t have control in what my audience records. But I’m also very glad of the discussions around food inequalities and exploitation of food service workers that this performance has generated.

Also it’s hilarious the search algorithm for me is person as plate for the rich or hunger games.

#personasplatefortherich #hungergames #foodmasku
#stitch with @The Ebony Ranger ☭ storytime! I never made 10k a month doing this. It was a performance art piece done at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn with fellow artists Allison Walker and @Benjy Bradshaw

Even though the original meme accounts never credited me, I am glad people are using the video to discuss inequalities in our food systems and the exploitation of our food service industry folks.

Thanks for all the tags. I’m no good at this app. But I’ll post the two other videos that audience member took so people can see more of the performance 🙏🏽

#personasplatefortherich #hungergames #foodmasku
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