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Good customer service

Had the Aboki Chops, basically Noodles and Fried Eggs. It came in well packaged boxes and the wait time was decent.

Please note that you can’t eat here as you most likely won’t be comfortable. 

I enjoyed the meal!

📍: @eazychopnig
📌: 55 Queen Street, Yaba,  Lagos
🥘: Aboki Chops ₦1,000
⭐: 7.5/10


The Jollof rice from this outlet is really TASTY but I've found that it is better paired with their salad. The moin-moin is also quite tasty. The Turkey is not as great but if you’re looking for a quick affordable meal and you’re around Yaba you can give this a try.

Indoor seating available, so you can dine in or opt to take out. They also offer deliveries as well and via food delivery apps.

🍚: ₦700 (₦350 per scoop)
🦃: ₦1,000
🥘: ₦450 - Moin Moin
💰: ₦2,150
📌: Herbert Macaulay Way, Alagomeji-Yaba
⭐️: 6.5/10
📍: @sweetsensationng


Stopped at the Sabo,Yaba branch to try out their Suya. Got the Meat and Iśan & it was well flavoured, had the right amount of spice and the staff were friendly.

The popular stall is in Ikeja on Allen Avenue and I hear their Suya is even better over there. thoughts?

Operating Hours: Open 12pm - 11:30 pm
🥩: ₦500 per stick (Beef, Tozo and Kidney)
🍖: ₦200 per stick (Gizzard and Iśan)
💰: ₦1,900
📌: NO 2, Industrial Avenue, Sabo-Yaba,  Lagos.
⭐️: 7.5/10
📍: @universityof_suya


Which of these spots have you been and which is your fave? Also tell us where we can get more cheap eats and we will be there 😉

You should share, save and bookmark this for later 😉

#FoodieinLagos #fyp #cheapeatsyaba #restauranttok #foodbloggerinlagos

After hearing so many things about this affordable restaurant, I stopped by the outlet in Ogudu. The restaurant was full when I went in, and my friend who is a regular customer told me that this was a regular occurrence. Parking is available, but because of the usual crowd, you might need to park in the next building or other spaces.

There is seating available, so you can dine in or opt for takeaway. They also offer deliveries as well. I decided to try out their Ewa Agoyin, and did not regret my choice. It was so good! I’ll rate this meal a 7.5/10. There is a small chops stand just outside their restaurant where the chops are made fresh.

I got freshly made puff puff straight off the fire and it was the bomb! It had the perfect amount of sugar, and it was so yummy. I’ll rate the puff puff 8.5/10. The grilled chicken from the small chops stand was okay, but can be better. I’ll rate it a 5/10. The small chops stand also had fried fish, battered prawns, and yam chips available.

The staff on duty were amazing, happy, and very polite. I definitely will be stopping by here regularly.

Here is a summary of my visit and experience:

📍: @labule.ng
📌: 107 Ogudu Road, Ogudu,  Lagos.
🥘: Ewa Agoyin ₦1,000
🍱 : Plantain ₦200
🍖 : Ponmo ₦400
🥘 : Puff Puff ₦400 (8 Pcs)
🍗 : Chicken ₦700 (1 Pc)
📝 : 💵 ₦2,700
⭐: 8.5/10

#FoodieinLagos #fyp #cheapeatsogudu #cheapeatsyaba #restauranttok #foodbloggerinlagos

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