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Join the members of Florida Paranormal Investigators, Mikey, Dee, and Bill, for a new episode of Beyond the Boundaries Paranormal Podcast on Wednesday November 1st at 7:30pm EST as they interview Psychic Medium @larry costa

Larry Costa is an exceptional psychic medium with a diverse range of extraordinary abilities. He effortlessly showcases clairaudience, clairvoyance, automatic typing/writing, and the remarkable ability to directly channel/speak with his spirit guides and others. Larry's profound connection with the spirit realm is the foundation of his awe-inspiring psychic journey.

Beyond his psychic talents, Larry is also a visionary in the world of media production, responsible for the captivating streaming video series, "Paranormal is Normal" which can be seen on Tubitv.com

Amid his stellar achievements, Larry's remarkable collaboration with his Spirit Guides promises to be a transformative milestone. In the channeled book “Whispers From Wallace, Teachings From a Spirit Guide,” Larry invites you into his world, where he communicates with his spirit guide, Wallace, and brings forth the knowledge and wisdom he imparts to him.

Larry has also just completed the Adrian Stone series: Adrian Stone: Apprentice Spirit Guide, Adrian Stone and the Omniverse Codex, Adrian Stone in the Mirror World. These are also a channeled body of work. This new work represents a first of its kind as a fantasy series, a trilogy that delves into the enigmatic inner workings of the outer realms, unveiling the secret lives of spirit guides and ghosts and shedding light on the profound essence of being a psychic medium. With this trilogy, Larry opens the gates to profound revelations, inviting readers to embark on a journey of discovery and illumination like never before. Prepare to be captivated, for the secrets of the unseen will soon be revealed.

You can find more about Larry Costa on his Website: https://larrycostapsychic.com

You can watch the Livestream and Previous Episodes
On Facebook:

And YouTube:


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Florida Paranormal Investigators, Creators of Ghost Advocates, has made a $100 dollar donation to @Surfers For Autism in Stuart, FL! We have now expanded the amount from $300 to $400 on our GoFundMe as a continuation, so the next $100 will go to @Els for Autism in Jupiter, FL!
Thank you again to Adkins Tumblers, along with our Patrons at the Heard Opera House Paracon, Heidy and Mikey at FPI, and John and Jenny from JennyLoveTV or being our Ghost Advocate and making FPI's donations possible!
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Join Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence live Monday October 23rd at 9pm EST and 7pm MST as we welcome:

Heidy "Dee" Acevedo of Florida Paranormal Investigators!!

Dee is the Florida Paranormal Investigator Creator , Host of Beyond the Boundaries Paranormal, Minister of the Universal Life Church, Tech Specialist, Evidence Analyst, Marketing and Media Specialist, Investigator, Reiki Master, Occult Specialist- Demonology Certification, Independent Ufologist and Former Certified MUFON Field Investigator

Dee was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New Jersey before moving in 2022 to Florida and joining Florida Paranormal Investigators, while still remaining partners with the UnScene Paranormal Network and United for the Unknown.

Dee has experienced Paranormal Phenomena since she was a little girl and grew up knowing she always wanted to be a paranormal investigator.
She has investigated with teams since 2012 and continues to grow and develop in the field.

Continued education is key, and Dee continues her own education through classes, workshops, attending lectures, working with other teams, and learning the ins and outs of equipment.

Dee has worked in the IT field for 9 years and took courses in cybersecurity and digital forensics.

She has dived into the metaphysical and spiritual fields and became a Reiki Master, Minster of the Universal Life Church, and Occult Specialist with a Certification in Demonology.

After years of working within just a small aspect of the paranormal field, she expanded into Ufology, becoming a MUFON Field Investigator before deciding to work Independently in the field and hopes to further expand into Cryptids.

You can find Dee on YouTube and Facebook Live as she Hosts Beyond the Boundaries Paranormal Podcast under Florida Paranormal Investigators and That Was Spooky.

Join us as we take a look at some of the great evidence Dee and her team has captured!



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