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Fiona Lucas | Author


Author of heartbreaking and uplifting romances. Publishing & writing tips.




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📘THE LAST GOODBYE by Fiona Lucas, an emotional, second chance romance with a happy ending.

Anna’s world was shattered three years ago when her husband Spencer was killed in a tragic accident. Her friends and family think it’s time she moved on, but how can she when she’s lost her soulmate?
On New Year’s Eve, Anna calls Spencer’s old phone just to hear his voicemail greeting. But to her surprise someone picks up. Brody answers and is the first person who truly understands what Anna is going through. As they begin to speak regularly, Anna finds herself opening up and slowly she discovers how to smile again, how to laugh, even how to hope.
But Brody hasn’t been entirely honest with Anna. Will his secret threaten everything, just as it seems she might find the courage to love again?

A beautiful and poignant story of love, loss and finding hope where you least expect it, perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover and Lucy Score.

#fionalucasauthor #thelastgoodbye #contemporaryromancebook #epiclovestory #friendstoloversbooks
Replying to @Just Lizzie
A good editor or literary agent will be able to see the potential in your story even if it is not in a perfect shape. Don’t let this put you off, sending your manuscript out or querying. #fionalucasauthor #fionalucastips #novelwritingtips #bookpublishingtips
Replying to @Belle
even the most exciting plot twist in a novel is going to fall flat if you don’t plant some clues along the way. If you don’t set up, your plot twist, readers will find it unbelievable, or even irritating, and that will mean they will disengage from the story. And keeping your readers engaged in the story is your key objective when you are writing a novel!
##fionalucasauthor ##fionalucastips ##writingabooktips ##novelwritingtips ##writingadvice
Replying to @Tiffany Smith Thanks for the question! There are pros and cons to both independent publishing and traditional publishing and, yes, it makes a difference when it comes to time and marketing spend. #fionalucasauthor #bookpublishingtips #aspiringauthors #publishingadvice #fionalucastips
#onthisday Do you do this? I have a theory that people who become writers have been accidentally training themselves for the job for most of their lives. It would be really interesting to see some studies on this and understand it better! How are use our brains and our imaginations can have such a massive impact on our lives in so many ways. #fionalucasauthor #writertokfyp #authortoker #writinginspirations
#onthisday this is the essential ingredient that makes a story relatable and takes readers on an emotional journey. This is true, even of exciting, action-filled stories. The ones that become blockbuster, movies, or bestselling books are the ones where the main character grows and changes. ##fionalucastips ##fionalucasauthor ##writinganovel ##howtowriteabook
#onthisday #fionalucasauthor #authortoker I can’t be the only author who likes making my characters suffer!
#onthisday tell me if you’ve ever got a story idea from listening to another conversation or watching what was going on between other people! I can’t be the only one who can’t stop eavesdropping! #writertokers #fionalucasauthor #novelwritingprocess #bookinspiration
There aren’t any hard and fast rules, but the purpose is to make your manuscrot clear and easy to read. You want the agent or editor who receives it to be able to get absorbed in the story - so mske it wasy gor them!
#writingabookcheck #fionalucasauthor #manuscriptformatting #authortok
#onthisday Let me know if your characters misbehave too! #authortoker #writingabookcheck #authorprobs #fionalucasauthor Thanks to @👑Queen Astraea👑 for the original duet!
#stitch with @Ashli | BookTok I know I’m a writer, but can someone please tell me how to speak the English language? Thank you.#authortoker #writertokers #authorlifebelike #fionalucasauthor
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