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Fight for the Future


Digital rights are human rights. fightforthefuture.org

More salons with @Amnesty 🕯 and ❤️Fight are on their way—in September, tune in for a discussion on #GenerativeAI and #inequality . Then in October, we will be talking about #Accessibility and Generative #AI with disabled folks who are using and studying the #technology . Watch all our salons at EmergingTechForActivists.com
Announcing #AIDayOfAction coming October 2, 2023. If you think Congress should take action to reduce the rights of corporations that replace human artists with #AI , its easy to take action every day now through October 2 at AIDayOfAction.com ✊🏻@Freelancers Union
#greenscreen and as always, you can take action against KOSA @ badinternetbills.com #stopkosa #badinternetbills #politics #congress
#greenscreenvideo take action against KOSA @ badinternetbills.com, where you can email/call key legislators #KOSA #badinternetbills #congress #politics #fyp
UPDATE: #Meta has (finally) responded to the letter we sent them calling on them to make Facebook Messenger and Instagram default end-to-end encrypted to protect our personal messages.
Good News: Meta has committed to making Facebook Messenger end-to-end encrypted by default by the end of 2023, and IG soon after!
Bad News: every day without this key security feature leaves all of us, and especially vulnerable folks, at risk.
We need to keep up the pressure on Meta to make sure they move forward swiftly, and we need to continue to push all companies with messaging tools to #MakeDMsSafe Visit MakeDMsSafe.com to demand #endtoendencryption
#greenscreen we’re also pressuring slack to encrypt their messages, which you can find more info about at makeslacksafe.com #fyp #socialmedia #bigtech
Major record labels and #copyright trolls are suing the creators of the #WayBackMachine , the #InternetArchive , to try and shut down their #library . This suit is total BS, and here’s why. ✍️ BattleForLibraries.com if you agree.
We are all doing a bang up job of kicking the Heritage Foundation’s ass on #KOSA . If/when it comes back up for a vote this fall, we are gonna give them SUCH hell. #protecttranskids
#greenscreen thank you @Congressman Maxwell Frost for speaking up for LGBTQ youth and the 200K people who have been taking action against #badinternetbills #KOSA #congress #fyp #paramore
tldr call every day about #KOSA . Y’all have driven 268,000+ actions to #StopKOSA since the Senate got serious about moving it to a floor vote. Evan, the GOAT of filming all in one take, has the round up for what to expect next and why we need to KEEP THE PRESSURE ON. Just keep calling your reps daily via BadInternetBills.com. It’s very easy, and if you call at night you can just leave a voicemail. 😉
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