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Fiadh Productions


wild, dark & enchanting, supporting animals https://linktr.ee/fiadhproductions



Thank you SO much for the incredible support yesterday 🖤 The response to the new Dratna album has been nothing short of amazing, & Rot//Wove too! Any orders placed yesterday evening will go out this morning, & I’ll get all of today’s out same day as well 💌 Here’s a look at the beautifully retro Summer Haze ‘99 tapes that have now shipped, so if you like your dream pop with a sprinkle of melodic hardcore I highly recommend checking this out. You can also see the lovely sold out Frog Concert cassettes! A super busy week ahead with lots of cool news, The Divine Accolade tapes which are now PINK GLITTER due to a shell shortage will be on their way soon & we still have some left ⚔️ Don’t forget to use the code OISIN for 25% off so I can get as much done as I can before the big day at fiadh.bandcamp.com✨
#fiadh #fiadhproductions #dratna #summerhaze99 #frogconcert #comfysynth #blackmetal #darkambient #dungeonsynth #metal #crust #punk #animalrescue #animalrights #animalwelfare
Happy #fiadhfriday 🎉 Today’s a big day! It’s the release of Dratna’s incredible folk-infused blackened full-length, Fomóraigh, as well as the cassette edition of crust punk trio Rot//Woven’s No Hope For a Better Past ❤️🖤 It’s also the beginning of our new fawn sale, so don’t forget to use the code OISIN for 25% off until 6.9 to help me make room 🦌
We also finally shipped the Frog Concert & Summer Haze ‘99 tapes today, & they look incredible! More about that tmw. For now, go listen to Fomóraigh in full:
“From beginning to end, this album is utterly vibrant and absolutely captivating, and not a single moment feels wasted or misplaced. But above all else, there is passion” - Noob Heavy
Don’t forget to support both artists directly for all digital-only purchases, & head on over to fiadh.bandcamp.com to take advantage of our sale, pick up the two new tapes & support/save animals 🐾
#fiadh #fiadhproductions #dratna #rotwoven #blackmetal #folk #crust #punk #crustpunk #animalwelfare #animalrights #animalrescue
Continuing our celebration of a year of Fiadh with pt 2 of our release summaries! All are available at fiadh.bandcamp.com, & if the physical release is sold out, please consider supporting the artist directly or thru us via NYP as we donate to the charity of their choice 🐾

FP05 Book of Sand - Occult Anarchist Propaganda 👹
A towering force of an album, especially when it comes to antifascist black metal. I’ve been a BoS fan for years & was so honored to do this & continue to work with dcrf! Tapes sold out but there are several copies of the LP left.

FP06 Careus - In absentia 💜
My very first release with this super talented artist! Careus impressed immediately (thanks to James from Rising Beast for rec) with her gentle take on raw bm & bold Darkthrone cover. Tapes sold out but you can still support her 🙌

FP07 Gonemage - Handheld Demise 🔮
Blackened chiptune isn’t in Fiadh’s normal wheelhouse but
@Garry Brents can do no wrong. This album selling out so quickly is a testament to his talent. Tapes via WereGnome & Xenoglossy. Check out his new release, Astral Corridors.

FP08 Alkilith - Hidden Beneath the Veil of Stars ⚓️⭐️
I didn’t know what “sea synth” was but this is its perfect embodiment. Alkilith truly is a mage at what he does & I’m very lucky to work with him. We will have a big announcement soon, but in the meantime you can still pick up this transparent blue beauty of an LP.

🦌 #fiadh #fiadhproductions #bookofsand #careus #alkilith #gonemage #blackmetal #dungeonsynth #seasynth #usbm #metal #dsbm #atmosphericblackmetal #postmetal #chiptune #rabm #blackgaze #animalrescue #animalrights #animalwelfare
On June 1, Fiadh & @vitadetestabilisr have a special treat for everyone who enjoyed last year’s Zverstvá by Besna: a special anniversary reissue cassette showcasing Besna’s previous releases. Side A features the self-titled EP from 2018, and B features the band’s tracks from the 2020 split with Abyss. We’ve only pressed 45 of these, so definitely pick one up from the band if you’re in the Bratislava area or either label!
🦌 #fiadh #fiadhproductions #vitadetestabilis #besna #slovakia #bratislava #postmetal #metal #blackmetal
Happy #fiadhfriday ! 😊
It’s a super exciting day for DS fans! Snawfuss - The Four Dimensions ships today with white musk incense & the promise of sweet dreams 🦌, & The Divine Accolade (@Mäggie the Menace ) ships next week with “The Art of Chivalry” zine & pin. EU/UK can pick this one up from @vitadetestabilisr ⚔️
Fiadh is a one woman show but I still do my best to get everything I’m not waiting on out same day with lots of love & puppy fur. Ok enough shop talk - get your medieval dungeon synth on at fiadh.bandcamp.com ✨
#fiadh #fiadhproductions #snawfuss #thedivineaccolade #dungeonsynth #blackmetal #darkambient #ambient
As promised, our second Irish release for 6/2’s #fiadhfriday is Grave Sermon - Whitewashed Tomb 🪦
From Kildare & in thrall to the eternal spectre of death, this is the brutal 2019 debut of another group of seasoned musicians (Legion of Wolves, Abaddon Incarnate, Ground of Ruin etc). What we love about these two tapes is that while they’re both considered death metal, they couldn’t be more different. Grave Sermon takes on the mantle of history & isn’t afraid to use its members chops to explore difficult, dark places. A recommended listen for lovers of old school bestial stuff: gravesermon.bandcamp.com 🤘
🦌 #fiadh #fiadhproductions #gravesermon #kildare #ireland #irishmetal #metal #deathmetal
We are so honored to announce that Fiadh & @vitadetestabilisr will be collaborating with Maine-based project Lepra 🐆
“Genre-bending black velvet metal,” this guitarless trio blends black punk & roll, folk, goth rock, & doom inspired by Catholic guilt, folklore, naturalia, & ghost stories.
More details soon, but check out the Wretched Creatures EP and new single “Our Lady of Everlasting Sorrow” at lepramaine.bandcamp.com ✨
🦌 #fiadh #fiadhproductions #vitadetestabilis #lepra #blackmetal #postpunk #deathrock #blackenedpunk
To celebrate a year of Fiadh, We’ll be summarizing all of our releases to date for anyone new who may have missed something perfect for them! 🎉 All are available at fiadh.bandcamp.com, & if the physical release is sold out, please consider supporting the artist directly or thru us via NYP as we donate to the charity of their choice 🐾

FP01 River - Regeneration 🏞️
The very first Fiadh release & something we’re super proud of. Gorgeous PNW neofolk from the likes of Eternal Warfare Records & Alda, in collaboration with Skip Area. Cassette (2 left) & white/black LPs with full color booklet & patch, which we still have in stock!

FP02 Lev’myr - High Plains of Lev’myr 🦡
The sweetest project from
@Garry Brents & Andrea , this is ultimate comfy synth - the sold out tape came with a lil booklet & the digital download has a storybook so you can follow the adventures of Gwyn & Basil. Looking forward to the second part of the journey!

FP03 This White Mountain - The Final Sorrow 🗻
Kevin is a super talented musician & TWM has always been one of my fav atmospheric black metal projects (also check out Geflimmernacht). Copies on tape & CD still available!

FP04 Parabstruse - Demo 2007 🕸️
An early but timeless project from Gonemage’s Garry, combining post-metal, screamo & blackgaze. Sold out but worth a listen!

🦌 #fiadh #fiadhproductions #river #levmyr #thiswhitemountain #parabstruse #blackmetal #neofolk #comfysynth #usbm #metal #folk #atmosphericblackmetal #postmetal #screamo #blackgaze #animalrescue #animalrights #animalwelfare
Felsenmirror’s s/t debut is now up for preorder via Fiadh (US/CA), @vitadetestabilisr & Contraszt Recordd (EU/UK)! Shipping June 2, 300 copies of the Portland blackened doom outfit’s album have been pressed to black vinyl 🖤
“…an enormous, oppressively looming soundscape of foreboding blackened doom.” - Transmissions From thr Dark
We only have a limited number for the US, so get yours at fiadh.bandcamp.com/album/felsenmirror!
VD: vitadetestabilisrecords.bandcamp.com
CR: diyordie.net
🦌 #fiadh  #fiadhproductions  #vitadetestabilis  #contrasztrecords #felsenmirror  #portland  #blackmetal  #doommetal  #metal  #doom  #sludge  #postmetal
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