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You're almost there—it's the week of your wedding and the end of your wedding planning journey is finally in sight!

As you approach the big day, it's important to make sure that all your plans are in place. Take the time to create a seating chart that accommodates all your guests. Reception seating is a key element of wedding planning, allowing you to ensure that all your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

While not everyone has a wedding seating chart, we simply adore unique seating chart ideas! They can really cut down on the amount of time guests spend sitting down to eat, and help make sure no one gets stuck without someone interesting to talk to. Consider grouping guests by their shared interests, hobbies or what they have in common with you as a couple, and then communicate those seating arrangements clearly (with lists arranged by last name instead of table number to make it even easier for guests to find their seats)!

In this last week, you'll also want to finalize payments and details with all of your vendors, and double-check the timeline for your wedding day to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Creating a wedding day timeline is one of the most important steps in wedding planning. It helps you stay organized, ensures that everything runs smoothly, and makes sure that you don't miss any key moments. When drafting your timeline, be sure to factor in time for hair and makeup, transportation, photos, too! Then, share your timeline with your vendors and wedding party, so everyone knows when and where they need to be and so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

With all of these details sorted, you'll be able to enjoy your big day without any added worries or stress. Take a deep breath, trust in your planning, and get ready to say "I do" to the love of your life!

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As you and your future spouse approach the final weeks before your wedding, it's time to focus on the most heartfelt and sentimental aspects of your big day. Take some time to write your vows to each other, as well as the toast and thank you speech you'll share with your families and friends at your rehearsal dinner and reception.

For your vows, be true to yourself, write from the heart and use your own voice. Keep it simple, sincere and specific, focusing on what's important to you and your partner. Share your promises and commitment to each other, but consider including a bit of humor or personality to make it even more memorable.

For your toast and thank you speech, take your time to write them out, but keep them brief. Consider swapping the long anecdotes for one-liners or inside jokes. The friends and family members you're trying to acknowledge will still understand how much you appreciate them, without dragging your guests through too many long-winded wedding speeches.

Remember—this is your special day, and your words have the power to create cherished memories for a lifetime. So, take a deep breath, practice a couple of times and get ready to let your love shine through.

Then, it's just a matter of finalizing any gifts for your wedding party or family members, as well as any other little details—like place cards, favors or other reception accessories—to show your gratitude and make your day all the more unforgettable for those who have been a part of your lives.

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