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Fefus Designs


Empowering Cards, Art & gifts for children of all colours 👸🏿🧑🏾‍🦱👩🏽‍🦱

🎨🌟👋 Hey fam! I'm Fiona Morrison, the maker behind Fefus Designs! 🎉 The name Fefus, pronounced Fe-Fus, is actually a nickname used by my family when I was a child. I decided to use this name to pay homage to the little Fiona who didn't see herself in popular TV shows, movies, and products while growing up. 🌟 #marchmeetthemaker2023 #internationalwomemsday #Blackbusiness #marchmeetthemaker #smallbusinessowner  #smallbusiness  #smallbusinessuk  created by Fefus Designs with Fefus Designs’s original sound
Behind the Scenes: Crafting Heartfelt Moments 💌✨

Join me on a captivating journey as I bring the “New Mama Card” to life! 🎨 From ideation to creation, watch the magic unfold as I design a card that celebrates diversity and spreads love to all the incredible moms out there. ❤️🌍

Step 1️⃣: Designing with Love 💖
Witness the creative process as I pour my heart and soul into crafting the perfect design. Every stroke, every detail is infused with care to make this card a symbol of joy and inclusivity. 🎨✍️

Step 2️⃣: Factory Adventure 🏭🌟
Join me as I embark on an exciting journey to the card factory! 🚗🏭 Get a sneak peek into the meticulous manufacturing process, where high-quality, FSC-certified textured board is transformed into the stunning “New Mama Card.” 🌟✨

Step 3️⃣: A Glimpse of Perfection 🌈💌
Watch in awe as the vibrant design comes to life on the canvas. The words ‘New Mama’ shine brightly, ready to convey your heartfelt wishes. 🌈💌

Step 4️⃣: Your Message, Your Love 💬❤️
Discover the beauty of a blank canvas on the inside, inviting you to pen down your own special words of love and support. It’s a personalized touch that makes every card unique and meaningful. 💬❤️

Step 5️⃣: Share the Love 🌟💌
Experience the joy of sharing the “New Mama Card” with your dear ones. Order yours today at www.fefusdesigns.com and spread happiness and love to new moms, diverse parents-to-be, and cherished arrivals. 🌟👶💌

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of creativity, compassion, and connection. Stay tuned for more incredible cards joining our range soon! 🎉✨
#BehindTheScenes #NewMamaCard #CraftingJoy #SpreadLove #InclusiveGreetings #FEFUSDESIGNS 🎨💌
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